Niilo Van Steinburg
Christa Kruck
Dave Black
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Bob Basi
Reese Dawes
Tariq Ahmed
Chris Ross
Joel Nordman
Andrew Preston
Beau Nyshka
Rich McWalter
Kevin Maxwell

1.  A quick Few minutes for Chris
        -SOS Party is coming up
        -$2 cover and 2 free beer
        -the actual date not determined (it will be a thursday)
        -we'll send Chris an email to see what night is best

2.  Review Action Items
        -Kevin is dealing with George
            -getting money transfered to ESS
            -can spend ahead of time
            -might not get ahold of money for 3 months
        -Niilo talked to Gary about printing
            -we night just buy out own printer because the other way is too much trouble

7.  Staplers
        -we have to decide where, how many, and what kind.
        -two spots-first floor, third floor
        -one or two at wach spot?
            -2 on first floor and one on third floor
        -heavy duty stapler on first floor
        -need somebody to buy staples
            -Christa will do it
            -Beau is going with her

2.  Action Items continued
        -ESSB News is now under Jeff's control
        -Jeff talked to Leanne for registered engr student's list
            -won't be as hard to get next time
        -Jeff hasn't talked to profs yet
            -posponed untill next semestar
        -Bob went to University website for computer
            -prices are good
        -for most convenience we should buy from UVic Computer store
        -locks are getting cut on the 9th
        -departments don't have space for storage
        -Dave should talk to engr students regarding Nibbles and Bytes

3.  Pi
        -is happening this week
        -an exec should always be in the office on thursday and friday because those days are really busy

4.  By-Election
        -March 15 is the date at 1:00pm
        -let's get a poster up tonight
        -class announcements to get voters
        -if anybody is interested in this position they should talk to Niilo

        -Christa will also get pencit sharpeners from store
            -and 3 log books
            -and sidewalk chalk
            -and tonner
                -staples/office depo will deliver if order is over $50

5.  Business cards
        -if anybody wants to take on business cards, do so
        -Dave will learn pagemaker

6.  Online form replace in class directory sheets?
        -we can email everybody and tell them to sign up for directory and news letter onlive
        -Dave and Jeff want to learn how to set it up

8.  Computer/Printer
        -how about buying a printer?
        -when T+W takes the printer, leave a note saying where printer is
        -our printer would be used for pi
        -no need for a fance printer
        -there is the option of leasing a printer
        -there is no immediate need for printer
        -we should get a printer for about $200

9.  Photocopier
        -put add in T+W to get students to change over their accounts
        -Beau will also mention election
        -there are 2 exec cards in key box
        -amount of money put on exec cards needs to be recorded
        -we should get a lock on paper tray because paper is disappearing quickly

10.  ESS Evaluations (survey)
        -should have this done every semestar
        -for sure done in spring semestar
        -should we make the form of survey like couse evaluation?
        -want to have out surveys next week in order to have them tabulated for last T+W
            -probably won't happen by then though
        -Joel and Tariq are interested in taking this on

11.  Endowment fund
        -everything went well
        -approval to buy $1200digital camera
            -Dean's offive wants to use it once in a blue moon
        -approval for $1000to competition or conferences
        -Engr Rugby got $1300 for start up
        -starling engine for mech students
        -$100 for volleyball set
            -Beau will buy it ahead of time

        -survey's should be up a week before end of month

12.  Volunteer Thank you
        -everybody who has helped out with the ESS
        -should CEC and Pi do their own, or should it be all on one?
        -to save time, put them all together
        -when and where?
        -when-last week of classes (last friday of march)
        -we should have it at a house
        -think of people who have helped out with ESS-email idea's to Niilo

13.  Green Slime
        -if you want to go, email Gabe to organize rides