Niilo Van Steinburg
Christa Kruck
Dave Black
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Bob Basi
Reese Dawes
Tariq Ahmed
Chris Ross
Joel Nordman
Andrew Preston
Beau Nyshka
Joel Feiber
Kevin Maxwell

        -Party booked for 22nd of march
            -"Cross's guy" wants to split proceeds because he is buying the beer
        -No covercharge
        -at Desel
        -priority is on advertizing it
        -$4 per ticket
        -2 free beer for each ticket
        -ESS will make up the tickets tomorriw
        -start selling tickets noxt monday
        -FSAE can be involved, can they make up tickets and posters?
            -we will take care of finances and ess advertizing
            -then we will split the proceeds
        -all details will be established tomorrow
        -Christa will make poster for lobby tomorrow

1.  Review Action Items
        -Kevin is pretty much done endowment pay-out problem-money will be transfered in about 15 days
        -Photocopier man will come by to put lock on paper feeder
            -when he comes, the exec here should put key ing key box
        -Jeff talked to Lianne again re:list of engr students
            -he'll keep asking until she gets him the list
        -Lockers are being cut friday
        -Joel and Tariq will take care of surcey
        -Staplers have been installed
        -Bob, once a week fill the staplers up
        -Bob, do up a poster to tell people to inform exec when out of staples

2.  OMIT

3.  Girls Night
        -Can we get money for prizes?
        -will talk to Kevin after meeting re:money for girls night

4.  Computer/Printer
        -sponsorship won't happen fast enough for us to get computer
        -we will just go ahead and get one
        -Kevin, Bob, Niilo and Ziko will decide exactly what they want the computer to have
        -spending $200 on a printer
        -$2000 on computer
        -Do we want to hook up new printer to old computer so ess can print in office?
            -it is a lot of wirk and disruption for exec members
        -if we ever really have to print it will be 10cents per page
        -Jeff will get instructions on how to print in labs

5.  ESS Logo
        -Bob is on top of stickers, we just need a logo to put on it
        -we could adopt stream A's logo
        -we want to try to make out own though
        -Niilo will contack other stream to see if they are willing to have same logo as us
        -make sure logo is drawn with proper info to change shapes and resolutions

6.  Business Cards
        -we are cinfirming info on our business cards

7.  Volunteer Thank-You
        -will be at Joel's house
        -need toknow roughly how many people
        -we will invise Science Venture
        -Frosh, Go West, CEC, Pi, Grad, ESS are all coming
        -There'll be about $400 for this party
        -Haven't decided any food or anything
        -various types of bbq items
        -Andrew will know by end of week how much money they can spend
        -Niilo will talk to grad about what thry will do
        -Joel will organize alcohol
        -put ad in newsletter after the fact
        -parking might be a problem
        -on friday the 30th
        -Niilo wants to send out invites soon

8.  By-Election
        -happening tomorrow
        -is Jeff gets prez we can't really run the VPA election because we haven't given any notice.
        -we will advertize at meeting tomorrow that another By-Election is happening for VPA position
        -Lobby is booked-have to set up chairs
        -we need to have 15% of engr students there

        -people can still come last minute to industry night if they want
        -Christa and Diana will make announcement in chem 150 for by election and industry night
        -Niilo will announce in 3rd year comp sci
        -we want to get engineering girls t-shirls printed up
        -we should adopt MegaScreens for out t-shirt printing needs
        -Christa will talk to manager of Mega Screens to get info
Beau has announcement
        -Chris Singer is having a party on Saturday-bring $10 to drink out of keg