March 21, 2001


Niilo Van Steinburg
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Reese Dawes
Dave Black
Megan Howell Jones
Chris Singer
Tariq Ahmed
Beau Nyska
Bob Basi
Christa Kruck
Kevin Maxwell

1.  Closing Pi
        -Chris says thanks to exec for helping our
            -especially to Kevin
        -There is a pi closing meeting today around 7ish

2.  Presents for special people
        -need execs to put in their money

3.  SOS party
        -has been postponed for a week

4.  Clothing Stuff
        -Christa has looked into getting engr girls shirts
            -she might just order a whole bunch and whoever wants to buy them can
        -Christa is going to meet with Sean
        -Jeff has some idea's for shirts

5.  PDU
        -exec should review it if they want

6.  Girls night
        -was a success!

7.  Volunteer Thank-you
        -Beau wants to make sure he thanks everybody that helped out with pub crawl
        -Tariq will invite frosh committee

8.  By-Election
        -we shuold mention to frosh to come to the meeting
        -it is on thursday at one o'clock (the 29th)

9.  Dinner with prof
        -tomorrow night at the faculty club
        -whoever want to go, meet is ESS a bit before 6:30pm
        -the week after that is another dinner -the last one

10.  Godzilla!

11.  Tubes and Wires
        -this weekend, the last tubes and wires is happening
        -someboday should take it over
        -Dave needs help for last issue
        -Chris will put an article from Pi and his party
        -we'll put a girls night article in

12.  AUV
        -Ziko hasn't had much responding
        -he wants to send out a larhe email (not just to ess@engr....)
        -we have to figure out travel costs but don't know where it is yet
        -Ziko explains what the project is

13.  Volleyball Net
        -Beau can't find any volleyball nets
        -we should also try and fix the old one
        -look into fixing old one before buying new one

        -last meeting is in two weeks
            -we will be cleaning up after meeting
            -we'll spend lots of time discussing next semestar

            -mon at 2:30 Niilo is on a pannel of 4 people on becing an alli
                -in the sub
        -Business cards will be ready tomorrow or friday?

        -The tonnar was dropped off today

    -Meeting is over!