Niilo Van Steinburg
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Andrew Preston
Dave Black
Megan Howell Jones
TJ Drennan
Tariq Ahmed
Beau Nyska
Bob Basi
Christa Kruck
Kevin Maxwell
Joel Nodman
Joel Fieber

1.  Gloss Over Action Items
        -no students have complained about the lock or catds for the photocopier

2.  Foos Language
        -Should we tell people to tone down the language when playing foos?
            -would probably be difficult
            -just tell them to keep it down

3.  Joel's Survey
        -Joel's survey is printed up
            -there are a few corrections but over all, well done
            -good format

4.  University Publishers
        -Niilo had a meeting with Sally Gram
        -Niilo didn't strike a deal because we can't get extra money in the summer

5.  Logo
        -has been passed out by email
        -Craigs modifications look really good
        -Mike is still working on it

6.  Policy Manual-PDU
        -Niilo let Dir of Academics for UVSS know everything was good
        -Niilo will say to them that ESS must provide minutes from General Meetings
            -Everybody agrees that's fine
        -also making constitytional changes, we should let them know

7.  Volunteer Thank-You party
        -Joel's got good beer
        -we have about $400 for food $200 from ESS, $100 from Grad, $200 from CEC)
        -should we get door prizes?
        -Beau will shop with Niilo for food
        -doors open at 4:00pm
        -CEC wants to present some gifts

8.  By-Election
        -lobby is not booked
            -not much of a concern
        -tomorrow morning we should give announcements in class
            -quick meeting
        -it's at 1:00pm

9.  Interm Financial Report
        -if interested in this info, ask Kevin to look at it

10.  Any further items
        -plant needs watering
            -Diana's job
        -lockers have been cut
        -next week is last meeting
            -Jeff is taking it
        -think of stuff you want to do for a summer project

11.  Last Word
        -Niilo is happy of how the semestar went