April 4, 2000


Niilo Van Steinburg
Jeff Richards
Diana Walker
Reese Dawes
Dave Black
Gabe Bowers
Tariq Ahmed
Beau Nyska
Bob Basi
Christa Kruck
Ziko Rajabali
Kevin Maxwell
Joel Nodman
Pat Bundun

1.  EOT's
        -Everybody write a little blurb about what you did this semestar.
        -Send it to the prez account by the end of the semestar
        -put it into your log book so next exec can read it

2.  New Computer
        -we got one
        -want to comtrol what gets put on there
        -no mp3's on the computer!
        -maybe partition on a CD for burning CD's
            -Pat will do this
        -can't download without adm inistrative password
        -only prez and one other exec should have password??
        -every exec will know password but if something is installed, record it in log book
        -we will tell Stream A about not having mp3's and unnecessary programs
        -one folder for stream A stuff, one for B and one for both
        -we don't need to move files from old computer until they are needed
        -want to slways delete unnecessaty non-ess stuff

3.  Exams
        -Bob put some on the net today
        -He hasn't had much luck finding exams
        -All exev can chip in to help scanning

4.  Paper
        -Lots has been stolen from printer and UGL labs now that there are locks on the photocopiers
        -should we look at security video's to find out who is stealing it?
        -we could talk to Dr. Dost about changing the whole printing system
            -have to pay to print in MECH lab and then paper will be supplied
        -Jeff will talk to Dr. Dost

        -Bug Push
            -Beau and Ziko
            -organize everything a month before
            -will be the first friday in october

        -Dinner with Prof
            -Joel and Dave
            -maybe have on days that aren't just thursdays
            -will be just planned around other events
        -Pub Crawl
            -Beau and Bob
            -last weekend in september

        -Dean's BBQ
            -Beau and Kevin
            -same day as AGM
            -sept 20??

        -Industry Night
            -Joel and Dave
            -have to organize with APEG
            -sometime early in semestar
            -right after bug push

        -Volunteer Thanks
            -Jeff and Diana
            -Nov. 30th

            -Jeff, Beau, and Christa
            -8th of sept to the 9th
            -overnight somewhere

            -Joel and Ziko
            -maybe just send one team from each category
            -Nov 3rd to 4th

            -Reese, Tariq, and Kevin

        -Tubes and Wires
        -Girls Night
            -Diana and Christa
            -Sept 21st

            -Kevin and Jeff
            -Sept 20th??
            -depends on course schedules
        -Movie Night
            -Bob and Kevin
            -wing it
            -just need a day of notice

        -Winter Formal
            -Jeff and Diana
            -Nov. 23rd

        -Ecole Polytechnique
            -Dec 7th

        -Altimate Tounement
            -Oct. 7th

        -Foos Tournement
            -last week in november

            -Kevin and Comp Scis
            -Starting at Deans BBQ

            -Ziko and Reese
            -on thanksgiving weekend (Oct 12-14)

        -Science and Tech Week
            -set by gov in october

        -Keep reading email over the summer and read the link

6.  Coop Projects
        -Bob-Book Swap
        -Beau-organize a group to pull pranks-RCC
        -Joel-have mini wecc organized
        -Kevin-Endowment fund log
        -Ziko-AUV and RCC
        -Diana-Frosh Handbook
        -Christa-Frosh Handbook
        -Dave-Coop Handbook
                    -to help people going into coop
                    -everyone contrubute coop experiences
        -Jeff-Online Directory Form

7.  Digital Camera
        -Make sure person is in engineering (can use the Directory)
        -Student Card
        -Deposit-could set up a credit card system
            -for now just $100 cash
            -if they don't have the money, they could just take the pictures in the office
        -there is a temp sign out sheet in desk
        -the camera can be reserved
        -ess events get priority