1. Foos Table
  -It isn't in good shape, we want to fix it
  -Dave will look into making new bars for the table
  -maybe we should have a tourny and charge a few $$ to go towards fixing the table

2. Retreat
  -not this weekend anymore, we should have dinner sometime next weekend?
  -the grad lounge has private rooms
  -meeting time will be at 6pm in the grad lounge
  -Jeff will make the arrangements

3. Pub Crawl Shirts
  -we have 68 vikes shirts
  -we should put something on the back of those shirts for the pub crawl
  -we are missing 15 of them

4. Merchandise
  -beer mugs
  -long sleeve T-shirts for guys
  -sweats for girls and guys
  -stamp for x-y axis
  -Treva and Jenny will take care of those

5. Presidents Meeting
  -in ottawa on Oct 12th and 13th
  -Ziko might go for Jeff

6. Bug Push
  -Get into groups for pushing
  -Beau, Christa, Joost, Brandon, Diana, and Jeff are the core people

7. Class Reps
  -We need some class reps
    -the class rep could go to coop meeting, print off assign from web for the class
  -We'll bring up this issue at the AGM

8. Grad Committee
  -Third years are starting to organise their grad
  -need to find people to the committee

9. Directory
  -We have to go and get people to sign up
  -When we go to the classes we have to talk about class reps, and grad committee
  -talk to first years 2:30pm tues-fri DSB lecture hall
  -talk to 2nd years 8:30 mon and thurs in ELL 167
  -talk to 3rd years (beau and Jeff will do it)
  -name, phone number, email, be part of news letter, disciplin, and year
  -we should put it online with excell

10. Dinner with Prof
  -Dr. Dressen
  -Dr. Cullen

11. Office hours
  -will discuss later

12. Olympics
  Joel and Diana will figure out who is being sent after meeting tonight

13. AGM/Deans BBQ
  -Thurs the 20th of sept
  -Haven't talked to George yet
  -Jeff invited Dr. Djellali
  -Jeff will ask the Dean tomorrow
  -It will cost $4.95 per person
    -plus alchohol money
  -they no longer have hot dogs   -we will have Jousting as the event

14. Digital Eve
  -for women in engineering and technology
  -Ziko will forward info to the link
  -7pm to 10pm at the one lounge - games
  -date: Sept 21st
  -Ziko will send info about it to Diana

15. Tubes and Wires
  -There should be at least three people committed to do every issue
    -each designated to their own job
  -Tariq will find two other people
  -Dave will pass over account
  -Talk about T+W during directory talk

16. Budget
  -it is fine

17. Engineers withough boarders
  -non profit-nation wide
    -a branch at UVic
  -take engineering resourses and talents and apply to third world contries
  -Tom would like to start it up but he will be away for a year
  -would like somebody to start it up now.

18. Women In Engineering
  -conference in Nov at Queens, early reg is OCT 12
  -we can send 4 people
  -application for bursary for transportation - sept 28
  -Diana, Joost, Shannon, and Fred are interested

19. Office hours
  -Kevin-wed 10:30 to 12:30
  -Bob-tues 1:30-3:30
  -Christa-tues 10:30 to 11:30 and wed 12:30-1:30
  -Dave-Thurs 11:30-1:30
  -Joel-wed 1:30 to 3:30
  -Diana-thurs 1:30-2:30 and fri 10:30-11:30
  -Jeff-Fri 11:30 to 1:30
  -Ziko-thurs 3:00-4:00 and tues 4:30-5:30
  -Diana will put into table

20. Meeting Time
  -meetings will be held at 6pm on thursdays