Sept 20th 2001 AGM 1. Jeff is the speaker

2. Diana is secretary

3. Agenda is adapted

4. Executive summaries
  -Jeff-was VPA-went to a lot of meetings (faculty, coop, etc)
  -Joel-was VPX-links UVic with outside UVic
  -Beau-dir of events-did order of pie, pnect, foos tourney
    -this semestar-bbq and bug push and pubcrawl
  -Christa-corp relations-deal with companies, gets sponsorship, helped with order of pi
  -Bob-dir of services-lockers, printing, photocopying
  -Diana-secretary-took minutes, did frosh, girls night, pi
  -Kevin-tresurer-keeps track of books, endowment fund money

5. Budget
  -approved (last term)

6. Budget
  -approved (this semestar)

7. Got photocopy cards

8. Presentations
  -Digital eve-we will give 2 free tickets
  -APEG BC-Tracy Fraser-will set up a booth

9. Upcoming Events
  -Bug Push-the more help we get the better
  -Pub Crawl-date isn't set yet
  -Mini WECC-we will be having it here soon to decide who to send to WECC
  -Grad-need to start having a grad committee

10. Elections
    -Ziko nominates Kevin Maxwell
    -Beau seconds it

  -Keving will make sure money is spent correctly-keep books up to date
  -Kevin wins 100% of the votes

11. Prepared Motions
  -Endowment fund changes
  -Ziko wants the number of people to contest a proposal to 5
    -all are in favor

12. Impromptu motions
  -Ziko-wants an ATM in ELW

13 Meeting closed