Sept 6, 2001


Beau (late)

1.  Positions
   -need to elect a tresurer in training
   -where is Bob?  Haven't heard from him.  Might need to elect his position if he doesn't show up
       -Ziko will email him

2.  Office Hours
   -until we set office hours, come in the office when ever you can, and make sure the door is open when in office!

3.  Bug Push
   -Oct 5th and 6th was the date, but we need to change it because that is thanksgiving weekend.
       -changed to Oct 12th and 13th.
   -Thrifties will support us
   -have to get one old bug to push and two new bugs to drive
   -have to talk to campus security
       -Ziko will get in touch with them
   -Jeff will hand over the sponsorship that he has already done to Christa
4.  Merchandise
   -we want to get new stuff (maybe sweats)
   -good job for first years

5.  Business cards
   -not getting individual cards
   -lets get general ESS cards
   -make same ones for Stream A and B

6.  Retreat
   -is not set for the 14th and 15th of sept
   -going to french beach - camping type thing

7.  Calender
   -the calender on the web (under events) is the one we'll use

8.  Services
   -there is plenty of paper

9.  Engr TV
   -lets start the ball rolling
   -lets get info up there

10.  Conferences and Competitions
   -Mini Wecc
   -Olympics - send a few first years, and people who haven't gone yet

11.  Coop Rep
   -Roel Hurkins wants to have one rep from ESS to sit on the coop committee
   -Ziko will sit in on the meetings

12.  Budget
   -maybe we should put more money towards congress
   -if there is extra money for pub crawl - it will go to foos parts
   -each exec look at your event and make sure you'll have enough money

13.  Office
   -Let's keep it clean

14.  Tubes and Wires
   -Tariq would like to be a part of it.  It won't be just one person this year

15.  Meeting Time
   -next weeks meeting will be at 5:30pm on Thursday sept 13th