1. To Do List
  -sheet for small tasks to be completed during office hours located by computer

2. Pub Crawl:
  -was a great success, people hurtin'!!
  -$356.77 taken from allocated $400.00 in budget.
  -2 white shirts left to sell, 15 vikes left

  -happening this weekend
  -complementary passes for this weekend's activities.
  -not really worth the time

4. Merchandise:
  -can sell 1000stickers to other stream (from $2500 purchased)
      -shot glass
      -pint glass
      -insulated coffee mug
  -pint glass most popular
    -dave to come up with design for mug
  -colthing-long sleeve shirts

5. Lockers
  -lockers will be cut this term (beau organizing)

6. Dec. 6th Memorial:
  -need two speakers together
  -14 girls for candle ceremony
  -linda sprouce Jones to contact

7. Mini Wecc
  -to be held next sunday
  -as of yet, we don't have enough teams
  -issue of people not knowing about conferences
    -make posters(Joel)
    -make engr TV(Dave)

8. WESST retreat:
  -Joel discribes event for Beau
  -not much mentioned here

9. Formal
  -Jeff to find another faculty
  -would be nice to work with another faculty who has stuff done already

10. National Charity Event:
  -whether to divert money to national charity group intead?
  -aim was to improve image of engineers across canada by achieving large sum

11. Promoting Policy:
  -Every Event should be promoted in the following items-2weeks in advance
      -engr TV
      -Class Announce
      -Ess B News

12. Congress:
  -fees going up ($300 1st delegate, $500 each other)
  -Joel found $560 airfare to Halifax (return)
  -applications dur by end of next week

13. Industry Night
  -mediocre at best
  -APEG didn't do much on their side-advertizing policy should help next time