ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2003

Jill - L
Shenz - L
Jennie - L
Kevin - L
Belinda - L
Reese - L
Jena - L
Ziko - L

By the way L means late!! bitter bitter bitter...

1. still waiting on keys from cscu
2. printer:
   - let's buy a new one!
   - would be a joint stream A and stream B purchase
   - look into cost
   - news about old printers to Kevin on monday
3. Action Item: talk to Joel Nordman about 2005 grad yearbook

1. M. Kowalchuk is sick, hopefully she'll be in next week
2. Coop Meeting:
   - students want a coop meeting
   - placement statistics
   - new b.eng regulations!!
3. Morale:
   - wants to raise it
   - idea for next frosh... throw a couple of 1st year events after Frosh and before bugpush

1. WECC reimbursement:
   - $100 from the Dean
   - $150 from us, cheques are written and signed and in the treasurer box
2. Congress:
   - money's all from the Dean, not waiting on us
3. Industry Night:
   - need to contact APEG BC for updated schedule on who's coming
   - Action Item: email to link, W5 & designate class announcers
       - so far: Jennie (for 3A mech), Tariq (for 3A ece), Ziko (for 4B all)
4. Action Item: email U of S about student society sponsorship package (different from congress sponsorship)

1. Action Item: update webpages
2. Action Item: essb news (before Friday), essb discussion link
3. Communication Strategy:
   - for next term
   - get event dates planned ahead of time
   - get designated class announcers, advertisers organized way before hand
4. BaG:
   - we should try to start it up again
   - looking to the first years
   - infrastructure's basically in place, not too hard to start up again
   - just need a cool editor
5. University Publishers Meeting:
   - re-signed contract for directories until spring 2005
   - getting extra $200 per year, $100 for each stream
   - she asked us to sign a Grad Yearbook renewal
       - they offset costs for all advertising ~ $3,000
       - they restrict advertising, but we can thank "sponsors" for our events
       - we find publishers
6. Tubes and Wires:
   - coming out next Monday, March 10
   - please have articles in by Friday

Corporate Relations
1. U of S sponsorship package was emailed to the link... ongoing
2. Nexen rough draft will be sent to the link
3. will continue to work on general sponsorship package

1. Law Hockey Wrap-up: fun, colds, they raised $8,000
2. Foos Tourney: no show, delayed
3. Soccer Tournament:
   - sign-up sheets on desk
   - fields are reserved at Mount Doug
   - singles (will get added to a team), remember to take their money and email address
   - teams, take their sheet and team's who have paid will get preference if too crowded
4. Volunteer Thank-you
   - Date: Friday March 28, 2003
   -Venue: ideas??? my house/Reese's house/Beau's house       

*** Action Item for EVERYONE : email Tariq lists of volunteers (who and what they did) ***

1. photocopier guy was on a 3 hour lunch break
2. merchandise: simple is good, less alcoholic, pornographic is good
3. Old Action Item: office supplies are coming! (T&W paper is coming!)
4. Fleeces:
   - class announcements
   - deadline will be extended to Tuesday March 11

1. WECC (been Jennie's b*tch)
2. Order of Pi: adding up moola
3. Action Item: look into new printer and costs

1. Smack item: AGM and By-Election Minutes done
2. If you want to mail stuff and I'm not around:
   - take it to the Dean's office
   - put it in a plastic bag from under the counter right as you go in
   - fill out a slip with 10,000 and then our stream b number (found on a nearby posted sheet)
   - put in basket on counter

Order of Pi
1. help out!!

Last Meeting:
   - 10-14 first years came out
   - sent out minutes
   - book exchange:
       -logistics of getting organized
       - Kevin was talking to Kelly about a database
       - how about low tech??
** mandated that Dir. of Services do a book exchange sign-up sheet with names, emails, phone #s, textbook titles, and cost **
** a little ESS history that Tariq's known about since he was knee-high to a grasshopper**       

Next Frosh Meeting: Tomorrow Thursday, March 6, @ 5:30 pm in the ESS office!