ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2003

Reminder: Next Week's Meeting is Thursday, March 20 @ 4:30pm

Shenz (official donut picker upper)
Ziko - L
Kevin - L

1. Old Action Item: Talk to Joel about yearbooks... done.  Going to go ahead and resign the university publishers contract for Grad Yearbooks (refer to March 5/03 minutes Communications, University Publishers) before the end of this week.
2. Schedule for next semester.  Started list of services/events that we need to consider.

Vice President Academic
1. No M.Kowalchuk today because she may have mono.  Hopefully next time.
2. Co-op Meeting:
       Date: Friday, March 21, 2003!!
       Time: 12:30- 1:30 pm
       Location: Elliot 060 (always the basement)

       Promotion:    8.5 by 11 posters
                           class announcements: Greg 3A mechs (in mechanisms), Tariq 3A elecs/comps (in signals)
3. Morale: How about a little rivalry with Commerce?!? yes... we think so.
4. Action Item: Mech students want to know about talk of moving Instrumentation from the core mech courses in 4th year.

Vice President External
1. Industry Night:
       Action Item: posters tomorrow!
2. Old Action Item: email U of S... apparently they don't have a general eng.soc. sponsorship package.
    Action Item: keep talking with them, ask again.

Director of Communications
1. Action Item: ongoing webpage updates... particularly events.
2. Action Item: essb-news... update addresses.
3. Communication Strategy: we brainstormed a lot... document being prepared.

Director of Corporate Relations
1. Continuing to work on sponsorship package.
2. Thanks for Jennie's input on Nexen letter... made changes and sent it.  More input is welcome for next time.

Director of Events
1. Foos Tourney... very very few applicants... always still a possibility?
2. Soccer Tournament wrap-up: approx. 60 people. Marc does not recommend BP for next year.
3. Volunteer Thank-you Party:
       Date: Friday, March 28, 2003
    Location: My house.
**Action Item for Everybody: send lists of volunteers/ what they did to Tariq**

Director of Services
1. Photocopier: After all that... can't keep this photocopier for various reasons. University is going to look for another one for us that they will approve.
       Action Item: Greg will call and tell them to go ahead and look for another one for us.
2. Future Action Item: write up this epic saga once it's over for future reference.
3. Action Item: call Megascreens tomorrow and order general engr t-shirts in variety of sizes and girls' sizes.
4. Fleeces: Total at 9
       Action Item: order by the end of the week.
5. Hoodies:
       Action Item: get them done without "uvic chick" on them.
** Action Item for Everyone: scan exams!**

1. Collecting Congress receipts.

1. Get more plants for the office ha ha ha.
2. Action Item: type up communication strategy.

1. Book Exchange Stuff: Kelly's working on it.

1. E-Fund:
       - ladder
       - LED scroll bar
       - gong (good idea!)