ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
THursday, March 20, 2003



1. University Publishers Yearbook Contract has been signed.
2. Mandates:
          a) geodesic dome - not feasible
          b) first year positon - look into for AGM, member at large?
          c) renovating the office - Tariq sent a letter, waiting for a response
3. Next Semester Schedule - see additional link
4. New lock for the door is going ahead.  Tariq has talked to Craig (Stream A president).

Vice President Academic
1. Co-op Meeting @ 12:30pm in Elliot 060 Friday March 21.  Students can email questions to be asked anonymously.
2. Looking into changes to Mech 455. Dr. Dong has been busy thus far.
3. Campus-wide Co-op Meeting on Friday March 21 @ 12:30pm which Jill will be attending.
4. Action Item: Talk to Associate Dean about bulletin boards for the ESS

Vice President External
1. Industry Night Wrap-up:
          a) thank you to Marc, Jena, and Jill.  Also thank you to everyone else who helped out.
          b) approx 40 students showed up
          c) problems with posters beforehand which is why the Communication Strategy is going to be so helpful
2. Old Action Item: email U of S
3. Action Item: ask about open house 20th anniversary (could conflict w/ MiniWecc)
4. Action Item: send a thank you to Keen Engineering etc.

Director of Communications
1. Continuing to update webpages.
2. Essb-news: one is getting sent out tonight
3. Communication Strategy from last meeting is being handed out, please read and follow.
4. Tubes and Wires is over for this semester.

Director of Corporate Relations
1. Action Item: send out Nexen letter this week.
2. Continuing to work on general corporate brochure.
3. Action Item: send Announce Printers a thank you.

Director of Events
1. Volunteer Thank You: Next Friday March 28 at our house around 4:00pm
          - we need to know numbers asap to know how much food/beer
2. Foos Tourney isn't going to happen
3. Laser Tag:
          a) class announcements
          b)$12 for 2 games, refreshments, maybe prizes
          c) next Thursday March 27 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm downtown laser tag
          d) Deadline for sign-up: Monday afternoon

Director of Services
1. photocopier contract - Greg's dealing with it
2. T-shirts and hoodies have been ordered. Should be in by next Wednesday.
3. Ordering Fleeces tomorrow

1. Printers are both fixed, but the expensive printer cable is missing
2. Next semester's budget is handed out

1. No new business

Office Clean-up - tentatively scheduled for Good Friday April 18 from 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Future Action Item for Everyone:
        -Executive Summary's required.
        -Deadline: last day of April
        - record what you have done, what could have been done better, things you've left hanging for the other stream to continue with