ESS B Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2003

Next Meeting: September 2, 2003 @ 7:00 pm, ESS office


Greg Gebrail
Tariq Ahmed
Belinda Zhu
Kevin Clark
Marc Bodin
Drew Sommerville
Jennie Rittberg
Gillian Nishida
Jena Croft
Shenz MacKenzie

1. No office hours during exams.
2. No studying with the door closed.
3. Co-op Projects:   
       Tariq: fee increase, long term plans
       Greg: bugpush, commerce, morale event, deal with printing services
       Jennie: AGM
       Jena: Action Item: think of one
       Belinda: bugpush
       Marc: bugpush, winter formal
       Jill: organize, relabel keys
       Drew: Action Item: think of one
       Kevin: how-to treasurer
4. Next Semester's Intentions: Tariq will be putting president up for election, will decide whether or not he will run
5. Office Clean-up: April 18, noon - three
6. Action Item (all): transition with other Stream, please speak to counterpart
7. New Lock: waiting for CSCU's approval (if they take to long, we will move ahead) & talking to George in the Dean's office
8. No meeting next week.
9. New Business: Fee Increase planning:
       Looking to increase fees by $10. 
       This needs to go through UVSS in the fall and Board of Governors in November. 
       Goal is to make this happen for Jan 2004.
       AGM: make sure both agm's are run properly and when presenting idea to students, we must justify it properly.

Vice President Academic
1. Co-op Meeting: Marylin Kowalchuk handled it well, big turnout, concerned students
2. Campus wide Co-op Meeting: Jill attended, got campus wide co-op placement statistics, has director's card if needed for contact
3. Old Action Item: talked to Associate Dean, Dr. Gebali, about bullentin boards, info was passed on to Jena
4. Action Item: email Dr. Olesky about office hours and calculators
5. Action Item: do an events summary for DisOrientation
6. Mech Department Chair meetings are ongoing, Greg attends them all
7. Mech Department Meeting: Jill attended

Vice President External
1. Action Item: do an Industry Night event summary
2. Old Action Item: emailed Lindsay at U of S about sponsorship package?!?
3. Old Action Item: ask about 20th anniversary with WECC

Director of Communications
1. Old Action Item: webpage updates ongoing, update picture section
2. Old Action Item: essb-news and address book for essb-news
3. Laser Tag had to be cancelled due to lack of increase
4. Action Item: think of a co-op project

Director of Corporate Relations
1. Working on corporate brochure, hopefully done by the end of next month
2.  Old Action Item: Nexen letter has been sent
3.  Old Action Item: Announce Printers thank-you sent

Director of Events
1. Volunteer Thank You: March 28, 4:00 - approx 8:00pm, our house, need burgers, veggie burgers, buns, veggies, kegs, propane
2. Vancouver Island Brewery: free keg, talk about contract, tell them about posters, pictures (advertising) in office
3. No Laser Tag see item 3 of Communications.
4. Suggestion to use ess b cheques instead of paying for stuff out of own pocket and waiting to get reimbused

Director of Services
1. Photocopier should be set up tomorrow. Sort out contract.
2. Old Action Item: t-shirts should be in soon and fleeces order has been sent
3. Blunt is obviously responsible for the missing printer cable. F#*king Blunt.
4. Action Item: think of a co-op project

1. Next Semester's Budget: have to finish and send over exec link

1. Put all documents in DIRT.

1. Status reports are sent to Tariq, they're chugging along.

President's message:
thank you all