September 2nd, 2003


Tariq Ahmed
Marc Bodin
Jill NIshida
Drew Somerville
Jennie Rittberg - L
Greg Gebrail
Kevin Clark
Jena Croft
Belinda Zhu

1. Keys: new keys to door and keybox. CSCU no longer has keys.
2. Office Hours: first week, try and be here
3. Transition: end of term reports should be sent from Stream A to us.
4. Frosh Info Session: Wednesday Sept.3, 7:00pm CIT 105
5. Lunch tomorrow for ESS B Exec at Felicita's 1:30pm.

1. Co-op meeting Thursday Sept.4, 3:30pm CIT 105 for all Stream B students.  Greg will mention Bugpush and AGM.
2. Christmas Formal possible locations:
       Crystal Gardens - already booked
       Princess Mary - too small
       Harbour Towers - will book with a deposit of $200
3. Action Item: Greg - invite Dean and Faculty.

1. Action Item: make posters for the AGM (1:30pm Wed. Sept.10, Dean's BBBQ @ 3:00).
2. Action Item: Jennie - buy tickets for beer and food.
3. Action Item: Jennie - write article about AGM for Tubes

Director of Communications
1. Tubes & Wires:
       - Rich not in town til tonight
       - Frosh wrap-up
2. Action Item: check and report new poster regulations.
3. Action Item: check about bulletin board for ESS postings only located between Nibbles & Bytes and hallway.
4. Action Item: Directories - must be in by the end of this week
       - 3B - Engr 280
       - 2A - Drew
       - 1A - done

Director of Corporate Relations
1. talked to Kinman over summer.

Director of Events
1. Bugpush:
       - Greg will talk to Domino's and Panago for a better deal.
       - Action Item: talk to Saanich and Oak Bay police

Director of Services
1. Copying is up to $0.06.
2. Action Item: look into possible merchandise sale (although be careful b/c we buy merchandise off the Stream A and have to sell it back).

1. Action Item: make overhead for budget for AGM by Friday, Sept. 5.

1. Action Item: take care of projector cover.

*** Next Meeting Tuesday, Sept.9, 5:30pm***