ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2003

Tariq Ahmed
Greg Gebrail
Jill Nishida
Kevin Clark
Marc Bodin
Drew Somerville
Shenz MacKenzie

1. AGM Agenda is done for tomorrow.
2. Attended an ECE Curriculum Meeting.
3. Action Item: send an AGM announcement to BEng-all

1. Co-op Meeting:
       - Co-op should look at schedules next year so more students can attend.
       - placements were approx. %80, down approx. 11% from last year.
       - 195 placed, 54 unplaced
2. Christmas Formal
       - Harbour Towers booked
       - no damage deposit
       - $200 deposit by end of September

1. Jennie will buy tickets for food and beer for the AGM.
2. Class announcements for AGM/Dean's BBBQ:
       -Drew - Mech 200
       - Eamon - ECE 2nd year class
       - Tariq - Engr 280
       - Greg - Math 133, 8:30 CleA311
       - Jill - Math 133, 12:30 CorB112
3. AGM Prep:
       -1:00pm set up screen
       -chair set up, key in highest number locker
       - float is ready
4. Action Item: get Mini-WECC preparations going.       

Director of Communications
1. Action Item: bring cupcakes to next meeting.

Director of Corporate Relations
1. Action Item: bring vodka to next meeting.

Director of Events
1. Bugpush coming together.  Decide on t-shirts and other merchandise for prizes and to sell.
2. Events account needs access to save to Bugpush folder in DIRT.

Director of Services
1. Action Item: making an office supply order next week, so tell Drew about any supplies that are needed.

1. Action Item: Frosh needs money from ESS for shirts and hardhats.

1. Projector cover.

*** ALL - Be prepared to talk about what you did at AGM
               - Don't give away free food/beer. ***