University of Victoria
Engineering Students' Society Stream B Minutes
Annual General Meeting
1:30pm, Wednesday September 10th, 2003, ELW Lobby

1.0 Call to Order of Meeting
      Chair: Tariq Ahmed
      Secretary: Gillian Nishida

( Engineers Without Borders Announcement)

2.0 Robert's Rules of Order
Robert's Rules of Order were explained.

3.0 Method of Voting
Only undergraduate engineering students can vote.  Voters must have a white voting card in hand.

4.0 Term Review of Executives
      4.1 President - Tariq Ahmed is resigning
      4.2 Vice President Academic - acts as student representative to faculty, currently Greg Gebrail
      4.3 Vice President External - organized WECC, Industry Night and is liason between other universities' student societies as well as                     APEG BC  
      4.4 Treasurer -Kevin Clark
      4.5 Director of Communications - in charge of website, essb-news, tubes and wires, currently Jena Croft
      4.6 Director of Corporate Relations - Belinda Zhu is resigning
      4.7 Director of Events - Marc Bodin is resigning
      4.8 Director of Services - in charge of merchandise and services such as photocopying, printing, old exams etc. Currently Drew                         Somerville
      4.9 Secretary - Gillian Nishida is resigning

5.0 Ratification of Budget
      For: 61
      Opposed: 0
      Abstentions: 6

      Therefore Budget is passed.

6.0 ESS Executive Elections
      6.1 President
              1. Greg Gebrail is nominated by Ryan MacKenzie.  Seconded by Sean Peterson.
              Greg speaks: goals  - wants to increase involvement of first and second years.
                                             - wants to see improved faculty relations, especiall co-op relations
                                              - services like evaluation of co-op and work term reports
                                              - looking forward to Bugpush
              Vote of Confidence:
                  For: 79
                  Opposed: 0
                  Abstentions: 2

              New President: Greg Gebrail

      6.2 Vice President Academic
              1. Rich McWalter is nominated by Ryan MacKenzie.  Seconded by Jena Croft.
              Rich speaks: question - still going to do Tubes? probably not, but Jena's still there.
              Vote of Confidence:
                  For: 67
                  Opposed: 1
                  Abstentions: 2

          New Vice President Academic: Rich McWalter

      6.3 Vice President External
              1. Jennie Rittberg is nominated by Jena Croft.  Seconded by Ryan MacKenzie.

              Jennie speaks

              Vote of Confidence:
                  For: 67
                  Opposed: 1
                  Abstentions: 2

               New Re-elected VPX: Jennie Rittberg

      6.4 Treasurer
              Not up for election.

      6.5 Director of Communications
          1. Eamon Millman is nominated by Sean Peterson. Seconded by David Adams.
          2. Jena Croft is nominated by Belinda Zhu. Seconded by Reese Dawes.
          3. Sean Peterson is nominated by Drew Somerville. Seconded by Ryan Peterson.

         Each candidate speaks:
          1. Eamon: Dir. of Com. for Frosh 2003.
          2. Jena: continue with communication plan from last semester. Continue with T&W... will take-on being editor or look for a                         suitable editor.
          3. Sean: participated in Frosh 2003.  Important to communicate to first and second years.

          New ideas for website?
          1. Eamon: services that are more attractive to students like tuturing.
          2. Jena: problem is not what's on the website, but lack of knowledge that the website exists. Will work on getting more people to                 actually visit the site.
          3. Sean: email, flyers, spam.

          1. Eamon: 26
          2. Jena: 35
          3. Sean: 14
          Abstentions: 2
          Total: 77

          New Director of Communications: Jena Croft

      6.6 Director of Corporate Relations
          1. Sean Peterson is nominated by Jena Croft. Seconded by Dave Adams. Sean Peterson declines nomination.
          2. Eamon Millman is nominated by Clayton Hiles. Seconded by Ryan Peterson.  Accepts.
          3. Graham Howie is nominated by Cameron Christie. Seconded by Kai Zhang.  Graham Howie declines nomination.
          4. Reese Dawes is nominated by Ryan MacKenzie.  Seconded by Calvin Hopwo. Reese Dawes declines nomination.
          Eamon speaks:
          Do you think your hairstyle reflects the attitudes of the ESS?
          Yes, at least the first week (Frosh).
          Will you cut your hair if voted in?
          Not sure.

          If you get arrested, who would you nominate to replace you?
          I dunno. You, Colin!?

          For: 67
          Opposed: 4
          Abstentions: 0

          New Director of Corporate Relations: Eamon Millman

      6.7 Director of Events
              1. Sean Peterson is nominated by Kienan Ham. Seconded by Josh Patton.
              2. Cam Christie is nominated by Reese Dawes. Seconded by Calvin Hopwo.  Cam Christie is sorry to have to regretfully                             decline the nomination at this time due to prior obligations.
              3. Ryan Peterson is nominated by Brad Chow.  Seconded by Brendan Thompson.  Declines nomination.

              Sean speaks:
               What do you feel about the role of alcohol in ESS events?
               It's not necessary to promote.

               Are you 19?
               For: 74
               Opposed: 2
               Abstentions: 3

               New Director of Events: Sean Peterson.

       6.8 Director of Services
               Not up for election.

       6.9 Secretary
               1. Ryan Fehr is nominated by Brad Chow.  Seconded by Brenden Thompson. Accepts.
               2. Craig Rice is nominated by Greg Gebrail.  Seconded by Jason Wei. Declines.
               3. Joanne Luyckz is nominated by Monique Holmgren.  Seconded by David Adams.  Accepts.
               4. Alana Butler is nominated by Brenden Thompson.  Seconded by Jesse Pujol.  Declines.
               5. Kai Zhang is nominated by Cameron Christie.  Seconded by Graham Howie.  Accepts.
               6. David Trig is nominated by Sean Peterson.  Seconded by Ryan Peterson.  Declines.

               Each candidate speaks:
               What makes you qualified for this position over the others?
               1. Ryan: worked for BC Hydro over the summer and had to do meeting minutes for every meeting.
               2. Joanne: Past experience volunteering with ESS in Frosh and Order of Pi. Will try to do her best.
               3. Kai: Will dedicate an hour a week to cleaning the foosball table.

               How many words per minute can you type?
               3. Kai: 30
               2. Joanne: no records
               1. Ryan: 40-50

               Are you planning on getting a new plant for the office?
               1. Ryan - yes
               2. Joanne - yes
               3. Kai - yes

               1. Ryan: 14
               2. Joanne: 29
               3. Kai: 30
               Abstentions: 5

               1. Ryan: 12
               2. Joanne: 30
               3. Kai: 31
               Abstentions: 5
               New Secretary: Kai Zhang

       6.10 Summary of New ESS B Executive
               1. President: Greg Gebrail
               2. Vice President Academic: Rich McWalter
               3. Vice President External: Jennie Rittberg
               4. Treasurer: Kevin Clark
               5. Director of Communications: Jena Croft
               6. Director of Corporate Relations: Eamon Millman
               7. Director of Events: Sean Peterson
               8. Director of Services: Drew Somerville
               9. Secreatary: Kai Zhang

7.0 Prepared Motions:

Motion:             F03-ESSB-01
Proposed By:    Stream A&B Executive
Whereas:           The executive feels that the ESS does not currently have enough income to operate at an acceptable standard.
And Whereas:    ESS fees have not increased since their implementaiton years ago.
And Whereas:    Costs for operating continue to increase
And Whereas:    A small increase in fees would make a substantial difference to ESS operations, services, and events.
BIRT:                Bylaw9.1.i be changed to read: "a regular member - $30.00 per study term"
BIRT:                Bylaw9.4.a be changed to read: "Thirty-three per cent (33%) from each members fees will be deposited to an Engineering Undergraduate Endowment Fund for the following purposes:"
Result:                Motion: Passed
For: 64               Against: 4            Abstentions: 4

Please note this is a special resolution.

Where would the extra money go?
Jason Wei: one example is keeping photocopying the lowest on campus.

Motion:             F03-ESSB-02
Proposed By:    Stream A&B Executive
Whereas:           The Constitution currently states that General Meeting must be chaired by the President.
And Whereas:   Normally the chair of a meeting must be impartial and focus solely on moderating the meeting and discussions, and not                               partake in these discussions.
And Whereas:    The President is in a position where their advice, suggestions, and input to discussions would be most helpful during an                               AGM.
BIRT:                Bylaw 4, Article 4 Section VII be changed to read: "be chaired by a person appointed by the current Executive                                         Officers."
Result:                Motion: Passed
For: 62                Opposed: 0            Abstentions: 2

Please note this is a special resolution.

Motion:             K03-ESSA-03
Proposed By:    Stream A&B Executive
Whereas:           APEGBC MAPS membership would be advantageous to ESS members.
And Whereas:    A significant reduction in membership fees could be available if all ESS members joined APEGBC MAPS in a group.
And Whereas:    A similar membership agreement has been made between APEGBC and the UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society.
BIRT:                The amount in Bylaw 9.1.i be increased by a maximum of $15 per semester for APEGBC MAPS membership.
BIFRT:              That the increase will only occur after the ESS Executive reaches an agreement with APEGBC about group membership.
Result:                Motion: Did Not Pass     
For: 33                Opposed: 23            Abstentions: 9

Please note this is a special resolution.

8.0 Impromptu Motions
None brought forward.

9.0 Additional Presentations

10.0 Call for Meeting Adjournment
Brought up by Jennie Rittberg. Seconded by Brad Chow.

11.0 Beer and BBBBQ