ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter       
Jena Croft
Jenni Rettiberg
Sean Peterson   
Drew Summerville   
Eamon    Millman
Joey Luyckx
David Adams

2.1 Old Business
2.1.1    - Do all the execs now have their keys to the ESS
2.1.2    Action Item – Execs need to get in touch with their counterparts in Stream A
2.1.3    Office hours are typed in the minutes, Jena – post office hours
2.1.4    Christmas Formal – Nov. 28
2.2 New Business
2.2.1    AUVic – contact Mark Robinson about AUVic
2.2.2    APEGBC – Greg received an invitation to the APEGBC, anyone interested, contact Greg.  Jennie – tentatively interested.
2.2.3    Steam B – everyone settled.  Action Item – Eamon contact Belinda

3.0 VPA
3.1.1    Need a Mech rep from each class
3.1.2    New mech chair. 
3.1.3    Action Item – Rich – meeting in BEng
3.1.4    Engr 020 – suggestions to put it into first semester  - Action Item Rich

4.0 VPX
4.1.1    Good Dean’s Barbecue, suggestion to have more beer
4.1.2    Haven’t received invoice from HFCS
4.2.1    Action Item WEST Olympics – Sean, Eamon.  $75 dollar registration. Deadline end of week.  Talk to first years tomorrow.

5.0 DoC
5.1.1    Tubes didn’t come out this week, will come out next week.   Action Item – put Bug Push info into Tubes
5.1.2    Action Item – Jena needs phone list, office hours to do webpage updating
5.2.1    Action Item – class announcements, 1st year speakers: Sean, Eamon, Joey.  2nd year speakers: Sean, Eamon. 3rd year speakers: Jena
5.2.2    ESSB News sent out Monday nights
5.2.3    Action Item – Jena needs directory list to update faculty

6.0 DoCR
   6.1.2     Action Item - Bug push webpage, need to update dates and times

7.0 DoE
7.1.1    Action Item – bring in midterm dates so the calender of events can be made
7.1.2    Mark is away, Calvin is now in charge of Bug Push
7.1.3    Looking for DJ for Winter Formal

8.0 DoS
8.1.1    Missing keys
8.1.2    Drew’s list of office supplies
8.1.3    Submit old coop reports – Action Item – Drew by Friday
8.1.4    Cleaned up ESS after meeting

9.0 Treasurer
9.1.1    AGM Money
9.1.2    Transition from other Stream
9.2.1     Action Item – give Drew signing authority

10.0 Secretary
10.1.1    Talk to Jennie about projector cover
10.1.2    Do minutes
10.2.1    Find a small corkboard message board for messages
10.2.2    Email minutes to
10.2.3    Clean Foosball table