ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Jenni Rettiberg
Sean Peterson
Drew Summerville
Eamon Millman
Joey Luyckx
David Adams
Tom Johnson
Kevin Clark
Tariq Ahmed


1. APEGBC Meeting, Jena is interested
2. United Way: Greg is attending
3. Frosh Junk: Froshies need to return kegs
3. Office Allocation: Office in danger.
- Action Item: Rich look into it
- Action Item: Greg email CFES president
- Action Item: Jennie look into the allocation of other schools
- Action Item: Greg talk to director of academics
- Action Item: Kai make petition for distribution
4. Bug push, all execs need to give 4 hours. Action Item: Sign up for time slots
5. Office clean up: clean up ESS office every second meeting

1. Mech Reps: 2A Mech Rep is Drew, 3B Mech Rep is Christie.

1. Dean's BBQ Wrapup, still talking to Michelle
2. WESST Olympics, no one is going becuase no transportation
3. Mini WECC - Oct. 25th. Need help brainstorming ideas
4. Industry Night: Nov. 5th
4. Women in Engineering Conference in Kensington in November, interested parties talk to Jennie

1. Tubes and wires came out this week
2. Webpage update: Action Item, update webpage
3. ESSB News: coming out tomorrow
4. ESS Link: Emailed Kelly, is not working
5. Action Item: Add directories link from webpage

1. Bug Push: Action Item. Eamon talk to companies.

1. Calendar Events
- Pub Crawl - Oct. 17th
- Sports tournament - Oct 4th Action Item: Book field, either Gyro, Mount Doug, UVic
- Foos Tournament - Nov. 19-21
- Winter Formal - Nov. 28th
- Girls Night Out - Nov. 4th
Other suggested events:
- Dinner with a prof
- Brewery Tour
- Laser Tag

1. Sell Fleeces
2. Sell Engineering Pint Glass/Shot Glass
3. Sell Engineering stickers
4. Put on a old merchandise sale - talk to Kevin
5. Action Item: get coop reports
6. Get rid of old computer junk - the CIT 467 stays from a 7 vs 5 vote

1. Transition with other stream everything ok

1. Foos Ball Table given tender love and care - weekly cleaning done
2. Action Item: Project cover, talk to Gary Duncan
3. Action Item: Post minutes after meeting
4. Action Item: Make message board