ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Jenni Rettiberg
Sean Peterson
Drew Summerville
Eamon Millman
Joey Luyckx
Kevin Clark
Tariq Ahmed


1. Bug push was a big success. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the bug push.
- Action Item: Reese needs to return pizza boxes
- Action Item: Joey take down posters
2. United Way likes what the ESS has done with the bug push.
3. APEGBC meeting, Jena is interested
4. Endowment fund is coming up this semester, $20, $10 goes to the fund.
5. Office situation
- Petition has collected over 350 signatures
- contacted president's club
- Action Item: Rich and Greg talk to the dean
- email all the engineering students on coop and inform them of the current situation
- provide an office tour to raise awareness of the ESS office
- write an article in the ESS to raise awareness of the ESS office
6. Throwing old computers in the ESS away
7. CSCU - refer CSCU representatives to Greg, he has the information

1. Rich has talked to Dr. Urgusol
3. Action Item: talk to Galiver

1. Wrote a MINI WECC article for Jena
2. Action Item: Congress Applications are here, Congress is happening Oct. 15th
3. National Conference for Women in Engineer, Nov. 7-8th. Anyone interested?
4. Industry Night: Nov. 5th

1. Tubes and wires came out this week
2. ESSB News
- fleeces
- flag football
- pub crawl
- Action Item: Congress, Jennie will submit an article
- National Conference for Women in Engineering
3. ESS Link: fixed
4. Action Item: Link webpage to directory

1. Action Item: Get reels from the Bug Push press coverage, talk to CH, newVI, Shaw
2. Thank company sponsors for their support in the Bug Push
- email Mark Bowdin at
3. Action Item: Contact Vancouver Island Brewery
- check to see if we still have a deal with them
- talk to Mark Bowdin
- offer to put VIB logo in ESS
4. Seek out new sponsors

1. Touch football tournament this Satureday Oct. 4, field has been setup.
- Action Item: Talk to Boston Pizza
- t-shirts for winners
- t-shirts for last place
- use some funding to get more pizza at Boston Pizza
2. Events committee: Action Item - setup email reminders to get better turnout
3. Pub Crawl Oct. 17
- start at felicitas, then Esquimalt Inn, Tutor House, Carlton Club, ending at Legends
4. Winter Formal Action Item: call Harbour Towers, get a cheque to Harbour Towers
- talk to other faculties to see if their interested

1. Fleeces are coming, made order forms and posters
2. get reciepts
3. New Merchandise - sitckers and pint glasses
4. Sell printing accounts
5. Action Item: more coin rollers, tacs, and big staples

1. Bug push has earned $1800 for United Way with more still coming.
2. Talked to Stream A about buying half the bug

1. Talked to Gary Duncan about projector cover
2. Get lube for foos table
3. add Congress section for Tariq on telephone message board