ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Jenni Rettiberg
Sean Peterson
Drew Summerville
Eamon Millman
Joey Luyckx


1. We are in the paper. Yay
2. Bugpush - we still have the bug. Still taking in donations to generate even more money for the United Way
3. ESS Office situation
- Dr. Urgusal - positive support for the ESS
- Proposal to have a donuts and coffee tour of ESS office on Wednesday 10:00-11:00
- Action Item - make invitations for ECE, Mech, and Coop Office for ESS office tour
- Action Item - Each ESS executive think of an highlight
4. CSCU - Andrew Swerdlow has ESS keys
5. Fee Stuff - Action Item - Greg, contact university administration, get student fee raised
6. Meeting with Dean
- Greg and Rich to meet with the Dean
- present student petition for ESS office
- inform the dean on the upcoming National Conference for Women in Engineering
7. Poster procedure - posters and banners need to be stamped

2. Get statistics on engineering population and graduate population

1. MINI WECC - need to refine idea
2. Congress applications are not found. Action Item: Make new Congress applications. Send 4 people, fees have not yet been set.

1. Action Item: Tubes by Tuesday
- include the following: Pub Crawl, MINI WECC, Congress, National Women in Engineering, ESS Office, Winter Formal, Faculty, Humorous article
2. ESSB News - Pub crawl, MINI WECC, Congress, National Women in Engineering
3. ESS Link
4. Action Item: Link webpage to directory
5. Discuss announcements with Dr. Provan. - important time to inform first years of activities and generate better involvement in engineering
6. Banner Ads - need to get them stamped

1. Action Item: Bug Push reels, talked to Check TV, new VI, need reply from Shaw
2. Thank company sponsors for their support in the Bug Push
3. Action Item: Talk to Vancouver Island Brewery
- check to see if we still have a deal with them
- talk to Mark Bowdin
- offer to put VIB logo in ESS
4. Seek out new sponsors
5. Syncrude sign - talk to Kevin

1. Touch football tournament - canceled
2. Pub Crawl Oct. 17 with nurses, talked to Esquimalt Inn,
- Action Item: Talk to felicitas and other pubs as well
- start at felicitas, then Esquimalt Inn, Tutor House, Carlton Club, ending at Legends
3. Winter Formal Action Item: call Harbour Towers, get a cheque to Harbour Towers
- talk to other faculties to see if their interested

1. Fleeces - need to remake Ads with correct date
- Action Item - email ad info to Jena for Tubes and Wires
2. Reciepts - obtain reciepts
3. Sale of the Century - Action Item: need to talk to other stream
4. Pint glasses - logo of birds
5. T-shirts - Action Item: give some t-shirts for the bug push to coop to thank them for helping

1. Absent

1. Foosball Table needs extra cleaning
2. Plant needs watering
3. Action Item: Projector cover
4. Message board needs a Congress section
5. Action Item: Get tacks for message board
6. Scrap book - Action Item - get newspaper clippings from TC, Martlet, and other sources, consult Joey for her expertise

Meeting Time
Next ESS meeting is held Tuesday at 4:30pm