ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2003

Kai Zhang
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Drew Summerville
Eamon Millman

1. BSENG - still need to get in touch with Haussi
2. Mech Schedule - need to talk to Dr. Urgusol about putting tutorials on time table
3. Exam schedule changes - Elec 350 moved, now it conflicts with CENG students
4. 307 Computing Lab is now accessible to eletrical engineering students
5. New program being offered for first time next fall - Mechatronics
6. Now has student statistics for undergraduate engineering students

1. Tubes - doing one for this week - away this weekend
- Action Item: Very important for all articles by execs to be submitted to Jena by end of the week. Especially Jennie and the info on Congress and Women in Engineering Conference, Eamon - need pub crawl pictures, Sean - talk to Jena, Drew - write an article about merchandise
2. ESSB News - missed last week - things to be on it include foos tournament, girls night out, and winter formal. If anything is missed, contact Jena.
3. ESS Link - there is an Ad in the ESSB to join the ESS Link, its done
4. Directories linked on web page
5. Password on webpages done thanks to Tyson and Kai
6. Lobby ads, we are to get our own bulletin board

1. Bugpush vidoes - Kevin is looking at them
2. Sent off thank yous to Bowdin - creating a bug push package
3. VIB - interested in renegotiating a deal
4. Syncrude Sign - managed by New AD Media
- Action Item: Execs dont forget to plug the ad in and unplug when leaving Ess office

1. Fleeces - are coming in
2. Reciepts - obtain reciepts
3. Sale of the Century - need to talk to other stream and Greg
4. Pint glasses - ordered 36
5. T-shirts - gave and thanked coop office for helping on the bug push
6. Rich is taking care of getting the printer toner
7. Action Item: give Jena information about merchandise for Tubes
8. Need to start making class room announcements about fleeces

1. Need to make check for United Way
2. Overlooked MINI WECC funding in budget, may need to use some WECC money to fund MINI WECC
3. Pub Crawl costs went over
4. Stream A transfer still in progress
5. United Way would like their donation box back

1. Foosball Table cleaned
2. Working with Kevin on getting projector cover
3. Got tacks for message board
4. Made scrapbook - a big thanks to Joey for all her help in making the scrap book

1. Endowment Fund
2. Talk to Announce Printers to see if we can get a better printer
3. Execs who are absent today, email the secretary with a summary of what they have been doing it can be added in the minutes