ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Jenni Rettiberg
Sean Peterson
Eamon Millman
Kevin Clark
Tyson Gilberstd


1. Notice to all ESSB execs, if you cant make the meetings, send an email to Greg
2. Endownment Fund administered by the ESS
3. Endownment Fund
- A.I. Make application by the end of the week
- Committee approved, need to write cheque
- Committee members, Dean, Urgusol, Representation from 3B, 2A
4. Grad Committee - Jena seemed interested, Contact Peter Darling
5. Office Tour was positive, possibility of making it a regular event
6. CSCU - given 4 more keys
7. Fee Stuff - Fees will be $30 instead of $20 as of Jan. 2004
8. Dec. 14th - Memorial for the ecole polytech tragedy. Meeting Nov. 5th.  
- possible conflict with Industry Night - Jennie and Jena interested
9. Note for future events, promote events early and do good promotions
10. Do we have to pay for iron rings for graduation?
11. Theft in ESS - lost old 3B elec exams, Mario Cart, some CDs, keep a look out
- A.I. Drew - Make forms for exam sign out.

1. BSENG  - need to take initiative
2. Exams - Elec 365 got moved, still working the exam conflict for the software engineers
3. Math 200 issu, engineers penalized for access to ESS resources
- Action Item: Talk to Steacy
4. Dr. Urgusol wants a rep - Ryan Mackenzie

1. MINI WECC - no entries, rehosting event on Nov. 22.
2. Congress Applicaions are here
- Action Item: make congress posters
- Congress meeting Nov. 5
- anyone interested in attending congress
-Action Item: make class announcements
3. Industry Night - Nov. 5
- Action Item: make class announcements
- Action Item: execs see if you can find more engineers to attend
4. WESST Retreat - meeting ENGSOC, a gathering of engineers from the Western Region Nov. 7-8
- Jena interested?
5. UBC, SFU, wants to coordinate travel
6. UVSS travel pool - make meeting with Dean

1. Tubes came out - great issue
2. ESSB News - none last week, one this week
3. ESS Link - doesn't work for Greg's email
- Action Item: call Kelly
4. APEGBC conference was fun
5. Girls Night - Nov. 3rd, 8:00pm bowling
6. Lobby Ad strategy - Talk to George, acquire bulletin board
- Endownment fund for a lobby ticker?
7. Bulletin board outside of ESS now getting used by Jena

1. New VI wants $20 for vidoe of bugpush
2. Action Item: talk to Mark about the thank yous and get that organized and ready to go
3. VIB - emailed them
4. Action Item: Talk to WEST Link ASAP
5. Sycrude has not phoned back about their sign
6. Action Item: Talk to announce printers works

1. Pub Crawl - good work Sean
2. Winter Formal - 200 people capacity, Nov. 28. 
- need to confirm meal plans
- Action Item: cut cheque
- get another faculty invovled
3. Foos Tourney is coming up
4. Brewery Tour - Nov. 7th or Nov. 14th?
5. Volunteer thank yous, weekend before foos tourney
6. First Year dinner - do we have the time?

DoS - absent
1. Action Item: get slotty things for filing
2. Action Item: Make ess exam sign out forms
3. Action Item: get 10 more blank CDs

1.  Action Item: cut cheque for United Way
2.  Action Item: cut cheque for Sean for winter formal

1. Foos table cleanest ever
2. Projector covered ordered, waiting for it
3. Scrapbook looks great - Thanks Joey.