ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes

Drew Somerville
Greg Gebrail
Eamon Millman
Jena Croft
Joey Luyckx
Kevin Clark
Rich McWalter
Sean Peterson

1.1.1    Due date of endowment fund Nov 18th
1.1.2     Jena Rich will chair grad committee
1.1.3    Office situation is we will likely not be used; they will convert another lab for their purposes
1.1.4    CSCU will bring in two computers; they will get to ‘barrow’ the grad desk.
1.1.5    Meeting on Wednesday November 5th @ 1-2pm CORB130, Greg, Jena, and Jennie will attend, others welcome
1.1.6    Endowment fund proposals, examples are requested. ESS makes the following proposals:
       Safe – Rich will make proposal
Laser printer – Drew will make this proposal
       New digital camera – Eamon will make proposal
       New computer – Eamon will check with Kelly Stitch
       Debt – Kevin will make proposal
       Vacuum – Drew will make this proposal
       Better TV
       Kettle – Rich will make proposal
       Form Feed Scanner – Drew will make proposal

2.1.1    BSENG is seen as part of CSC and ECE.
2.1.2    Co-op forum signup date is November 5th. Rich will write a letter about co-op vs. internship
2.1.3    No word from Stacy, or department chair
2.2.1    New - Rich will examine elec220 problem

3.1.1    Jenny won’t be here for Mini-WECC needs volunteers to help run. November 22nd. Kevin can help out and knows of some others.
3.1.2    Congress meeting on Wednesday @ 6pm in ESS office. Applications are due?
3.1.3    Jena is going to WESST Retreat, Jennie will not go.
3.1.4    Industry Night, make class announcements again to push it. What time does it happen?

4.1.1    Tubes out next week Wednesday or the following Monday
4.1.2    ESSB News will be sent.
4.1.3    ESS Link sort of works, Jena needs to sort things out with Kelly.
4.1.4    Girls Night tonight! Hope they show up.
4.1.5    Board will get setup soon.
4.2.1    New - Get on Kelly, FIX things. We can’t maintain the server out selfs.

5.1.2    Get on VIB for an answer to sponsorship.
5.1.3    New Ad Media guy is on AWOL

6.1.1    Winter Formal, DJs are pricy ~$400/night. Sean will contact recommended DJ. Sean will also contact other faculties about sharing formal. Need to advertise the Winter Formal.
6.1.2    Foos tournament happens wed/thurs/fri after reading break.
6.1.3    Sean needs to contact VIB and set things up for the brewery tour. Eamon will give Sean the VIB contact information.
6.1.4    Location is still up for grabs with thank-you. Frosh will chip in $ and people.

7.1.1    Fleeces samples are still unavailable
7.1.2    Sale of the century is in progress
7.1.3    Exam forms is in progress
7.1.4    Slotty thing is in progress
7.1.5    CDRs, drew will get 10.
7.2.1    Drew is on the lady’s case for proper prices for new goodies
7.2.2    Drew will get a paper lock

8.1.1    Kevin – we no longer pay for iron rings
8.2.1    We got check from university accounting

- absent