ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Sean Peterson - Tardy
Drew Summerville
Eamon Millman
Joey Luyckx
Tom Owens
Tariq Ahmed
Kevin Clark



1. Endowment Fund Committee - Kevin Clark is sitting in, anyone else interested, Reese?
2. Endowment Fund proposals:
- safe proposal - Rich
- Laser Printer - Drew
- Digital Camera - Eamon
- New computer - Eamon talk to Kelly
- Debt
- Vaccuum - Drew
- Kettle - Rich
- Travel for conferences - Jennie
3. Rich and Greg have a meeting tomorrow with the Dean about the situation of the office
4. Greg needs list of volunteers to invite for the volunteer thank you at the end of the term
- Action Item: Sean, Rich, Jena, please send Greg the volunteer lists
5. Tom - EWB - having a Benefit Event, Dec. 3rd at Steamers, wanting the ESS to help sell tickets.
6. Promotion
- Winter Formal - Promote it, Its a Banquet Dinner, Wet Bar, DJ music, lots of fun at Harbour towers at 6:00 for only $30. Starts November 28th.
- Mini WECC
- Foos Tourney

1. Co-op Forum - we got representations, submitted paper for Junior co-ops
2. Pink Paper - Action Item: Tariq, please email pink paper to ESS Link
3. Meeting with the Dean about the Pink Paper
4. Math 200 situation - Meeting with chair tomorrow at 1:00pm

VPX - absent - Greg filling in some information
1. Action Item: Please make new sign-up forms for mini WECC
2. Action Item: Make up sheet for Mini WECC
3. Action Item: Figure out who is judging Mini WECC
4. more promotions for MiniWECC
5. Congress - any first years interested
6. Future of Industry Night?
7. Money - Action Item: Talk to UVSS about travel pool - Talk to Dean about travel pool
8. Action Item: Make an endowment fund proposal about funding for conferences
9. Action Item: Give Jena the needed info for events like Congress and Mini WECC for Tubes

1. Tubes
- include the following: Drew - sale of the century, Sean - Winter formal, Include Menu, Eamon - Corporate sponsor package, foos tourney
2. ESSB News - same as above
3. Girls Night - was great fun
4. Board - use new board to promote sale of the century
5. WESST Retreat - went over the constitution, complementary education, WEC, accreditation
6. Passwords - Talk to Kelly

1. VIB - still working out negotiations for a deal
2. Sign Monies - there is no sign monies, the deal will be continued
3. Corporate Sponsorship Package - would be helpful in getting sponsors

1. Winter Formal
- no news about other faculty interest
- Nov. 28, 6:00pm at Harbour Towers, tickets only 30 dollars
- banquet feast, DJ, Wet Bar, big promotions
- Action Item: Make tickets for winter formal
2. Action Item: Make events announcement sheet
3. Talk to Christine about an idea for a possible promotional skit for winter formal
4. New posters for Winter formal with more detailed information
5. Decorations - need decorations
6. Foos Tourney - more promotion - $2 tickets
7. Brewery Tour - was fun
8. Volunteer Thank yous - at Greg's house - Satureday November 21st, starts at 5:00pm, invitations are soon to go out

1. Fleeces - are coming soon
2. Sale of the Century - cheap t-shirts, promote it
3. Action Item: use board for sale of the century promotions
4. Exam forms are made
5. Acquire Slotty things
6. Photocopier down - Action Item: needs to be fixed asap

1. Massive Debt
2. Found some United Way cheques that need to be sent off

1. Help with promotion