ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes
November 24, 2003

Kai Zhang
Greg Gebrail
Rich McWalter
Jena Croft
Sean Peterson - Tardy
Eamon Millman
Kevin Clark - Tardy



1. Endowment Fund Committee Meeting Tuesday 3:00pm- Kevin Clark is sitting in
2. Office Situation - The ESS office will stay at its current location
3. Dec. 6 Memorial
- we have some volunteers, need more speakers - Joey?
4. White Ribbon Campaign
- Action Item: Jennie, Rich, Greg, Jena, Jill - help with White Ribbon Promotion
5. Valuables
- Jay Wei broke the cabinet, all valuables locked in fridge
- if the safe is approved by the endownment fund committee - go safe asap
6. Gold Medal Student Award
- Nominations - Tariq, Tom, Kelly
- Action Item: Contact these people Greg

1. Co-op Session- meeting this thursday - 2:30 pm at EOW 430
2. Math 200 - the math department stands by their decision
3. Safe - use the EZB account to purchase safe if it is approved by EFund Committee
4. Stats254 - Next week - will go ahead
5. Business, Mining, and Oil Competition - put poster up
6. First grad committee meeting was held - Jena, Rich, Tariq, Tyson

1. Action Item: lunch date with the associated and Greg 12:30pm Tuesday 25th
2. MiniWECC
- Five Teams attended - Action Item: Find the winners
- Action Item: Need to find first years to ask them if they are interested in WECC
3. Debates - Tariq and another are interested
4. Entrepreneurial Design - Action Item: put posters up
5. Congress - Dont have a first year interested - need a first year
- registered 4 delegates
6. Travel Money - Action Item: Talk to UVSS
- Action Item: Make appointment with the Dean
7. National Conference for Women in Engineering article

1. Tubes - Came out last week - one coming out next week
2. ESSB News - coming out tomorrow
3. Nice Board outside ESS - encourage ESS execs to use it
4. George - on going discussion about the bulletin board
5. Formal Promotion

1. VIB - awaiting phone back
2. Sign Monies - Action Item: Inform NewAds Media of office hours for sign maintenance, inform stream A
3. Corporate Sponsorship Package

1. Winter Formal
- 60 people to break even
- Thursday cut off
- Class announcements to promote Winter Formal
- format for formal - cocktails, dinner, dancing
- entertainment - awards
2. Decorations - snow flakes, snowman, silver balloons, are some ideas. Get decorations now or later?
3. Foos Tourney - low attendance, future of foos tournies uncertain
4. Volunteer Thank yous - at Greg's house - was fun, thanks to all the volunteers

DoS - absent due to bowl movement issues
1. Fleeces - still waiting
2. Sale of the Century - going well
3. Pints - ?
4. Photocopier down - Action Item: needs to be fixed asap, box shipped to Toronto, arriving back in next 2 days
- Action Item: Drew - contact facilities for a metal bar lock for the photocopier paper - talk to Mark Bowdin for some ideas

1. EFund administration

1. Action Item: Talk to Kevin about Accounting
2. Write foos article for Tubes

Action Item for All: Promote and encourage your friends to come to the winter formal