ESS Stream B Meeting Minutes - May 5th ESS Meeting

Welcome back from president Greg Gebrail. 

1. Go West needs money - talk to Ohmar

2. President - Greg Gebrail
- AGM (everyone volunteer)
- ticket sales
- posters (Rich and Sean)
- fixed ESS constitution (editing)
- change structure of exec
- new safe
- form feed scanner for cheap (exam scanning)
- Intend to continue term for summer

3. VPA - Rich
- mech course conflict
- stepping down from position

4. VPX  - Absent

5. Director of Communication - Jena
- needs stuff for Tubes and Wires
- soccer ad from Sean
- ads for reps
- deadline Satureday night
- ESS B-news spam before AGM
- Directory list (take to classes)
- intend to finish term

6. Director of Corporate - Eamon
- sponsorship package in works
- needs Tubes blurp (description of publication)
- needs some with graphic design skills
- plans to stay on ESS, may run for new position
- new idea to improve relations with companies who hire UVic grads

7. Director of Events - Sean
- list on computer
- immediate: soccer team (2nd years)
- camp trip May long weekend
- rent one van, marshmellows
- sign up sheet, sombrio
- buddy assignment for each event
- staying on

8. Director of Services - Drew
- absent
- not running, gone
- needs paper, Tariq appointed Director of Service for week

9. Treasurer - Kevin
- float for AGM
- likes the pope
- stepping down
- handed out budget sheets
- Tariq says money given to clubs from both steams procedure is coming up
- clubs need to put in proposal or presentation

10. Secretary - Kai
- stepping down
- everyone buying Kai beer at AGM

11. Misc Issues
- summer charity events ideas - blood drive? Car wash?
- community service instead of fundraiser?
- Eamon running order of PI in 3a (spring)
- Someone looking fo rlocker registration putting together list of things for PI
- Keeping tabs on Frosh - good handle so far
- positions opening up for ESS, encouraging people to run for positions