University of Victoria
Engineering Students' Society Stream B Minutes
Annual General Meeting
1:30pm, Wednesday May 12, 2004, ELW Lobby

Rich McWalter nominates Jill Nishida
Craig Church seconds

  Call to Order of Meeting

2.0  Robert's Rules of Order

3.0  Method of Voting
   -must be an undergrad engineer

4.0  Ratification of Budget

5.0  Term Review of Executives

   5.1  President - Greg Gebrail
       -ESS office scare

   5.2  Vice-President Academic - Rich McWQalter
       ->faculty ->student

   5.3  Vice-President External - Jennie Rittberg (stepping down)
       -coordinates people going to conferences

   5.4  Treasurer - Kevin Clark

   5.5  Director of Communications - Jena Croft (oops)(staying on)

   5.6  Director of Corporate Relations - Eamon Millman
       -sponsorship package
       -VIB formal agreement

   5.7  Director of Events - Sean Perterson
       -pubcrawls, formals, BugPush

   5.8  Director of Services - Drew 'Foos' Sommerville (stepping down)

   5.9  Secretary - Kai Zhang (stepping down)
       -took minutes, watered plant, cleaned foosball table

6.0  Elections of Positions (as requires)
   6.1  President ->staying on
       Greg Gebrail

   6.2  Vice-President Academic
       Eamon Millman nomiated by Sean Peterson, second by Mike  -accepts
       Tyson Gilverstad nominated by Jena Croft, second by Calvin Hopwo  -accepts
       Joanne Luyckx nomiated by Alana Butler, second by Ryan Peterson  -accepts

   Voted in: Tyson Gilberstad

   6.3  Vice-President External
       Joanne Luyckx nominated by Jennie Rittberg, second by Ian Turner  -declines
       Dave Crawford nominated by Kai Zhang, second by Rich McWalter  -declines
       Eamon Millman nominated by nominated by dude, second by Ian Turner  -accepts

   Vote of confidence: Eamon Millman

   6.4  Treasurer
       Ian Turner nominated by Jena Croft, second by Sean Peterson  -accepts

   Vote of confidence: Ian Turner

   6.5  Director of Communications ->staying on
       Jena Croft

   6.6  Director of Corperate Relations
       Alana Butler nominated by Jena Croft, second by Joey  -accepts

   Vote of confidence: Alana Butler

   6.7  Director of Events ->staying on
       Sean Peterson

   6.8  Director of Services
       Ryan Peterson nominated by Sean Peterson second by Eamon Millman  -accepts
           -fleeces in on time
           -new merchandise

   Vote of confidence: Ryan Peterson

   6.9  Secretary
       Joey Luyckx nominated by Jena Croft, second by Ian Turner  -accepts
       Taylor nominated by Sean, second by Ryan  -declines

   Vote of confidence: Joey Luyckx

       1. Prez: Greg Gebrail
       2. VPA: Tyson Gilberstad
       3. VPX: Eamon Millman
       4. Trz: Ian Turner
       5. D.Com: Jena Croft
       6. D.C.R.: Alana Butler
       7. D.Eve: Sean Peterson
       8. D.Ser: Ryan Peterson
       9. Sec: Joey Luyckx

7.0  Prepared Motions
   Special Prepared Motions: for- 37, against- 0, obstain- 1

8.0  Impromptu Motions

9.0  Additional Announcements
   ->Directory sheets

10.0 Meeting Adjourned