University of Victoria
Engineering Student’s Society Stream B
2:30pm, Monday, May 17th, 2004

1.0    Prez
   1.1    Meeting time scheduling, official meeting time: Monday at 6:30pm  start date, May 24th
   1.2    Office Hours
   1.3    New
       1.3.1    Everyone email stream A counterpart
       1.3.2    Get Pat’s email; guy interested in IT pos.

2.0    VP A

   2.1    New
       2.1.1    Co-op Audit  - need 2 engr reps and 2 csc reps
       2.1.2    Committees

3.0    VP X
   3.1    New
       3.1.1    Contact Jennie Rittberge
       3.1.2    Mini WECC, date May 29th?    Talk to Kevin and Calvin for advice/help
               make pamphlet and poster to advertise,
               Jena make announcement in Elec 250, Thurs. morn
       3.1.3    get grip on all conferences dates and times, etc.
       3.1.4    contact SFU and UBC, get involved in DUSTED
       3.1.5    Complimentary Education Course @ ETS – register date passed

4.0    Dir. Comm
   4.1    Old
       4.1.1    Tubes, out, good job
       4.1.2    ESSB news- mini WEC, camping
   4.2    New
       4.2.1    Community based charity event  - couple ideas for 1 day event: habitat for humanity
       4.2.2    Webpage – pictures swap,  update exec. Hist.

5.0    Dir. Corp
   5.1    Old
       5.1.1    Sponsoship package – done? not quite, make as pamphlet, ASAP
       5.1.2    VIB meeting, Eamon contact Val, set up meeting toward end of next week

6.0    Dir. Events
   6.1    New
       6.1.1    Events matrix handout – change, Mini WECC ->Eamon and Tyson
           Car rally, Scam has it done -> needs promotion!
           Contact other stream (A) about soccer tourney, sponsorship?
           Pubcrawl date, leave in air.  Schedule around midterms.  Midterms date collection:  Alana – elecs, Ryan – mechs,  Eamon – cengs
       6.1.2    Dates
       6.1.3    Camping – make poster with sign up sheet for spot in van, @ Sombrio
           -get van rental, class announcements, informal
       6.1.4    Intramural Teams  -soccer? ball hockey?

7.0    Dir. Services
   7.1    Old
       7.1.1    Ship fleece to Prince George
   7.2    New
       7.2.1    Merchandise  -shot glasses, 3.75 each,  - hoodies,  -update webpage
       7.2.2    Copy cards  - make up 3$ and 8$ cards
       7.2.3    Exams  -scan strategy

8.0    Trz
   8.1    New
       8.1.1    Welcome
       8.1.2    Set up meeting time with Kevin
       8.1.3    AGM Monies – count and put back

9.0    Sec
   9.1    New
       9.1.1    AGM minutes – type and and post
       9.1.2    Collect phone #s make contact list and post by phone
       9.1.3    Make time table of office hours, fwd. to –com

10.0      Charity event

11.0  BS
   Greg:  make ess all inclusive, expand events to appeal to everyone
   Jena: get new editor for Tubes!!