Monday, May 24, 2004
Engineering Student’s Society Stream B  Minutes

Attendance: Sean, Jena, Tyson, Joey, Eamon, Greg, Donna,  late: Alana, Ryan, Ian

1.0  Prez
   1.1  if you want to change your office hours, let Joey know
   1.2  New
       1.2.1  counterparts - has almost all end of term reports, will send out those

2.0  VP A
   2.1 Old
       2.1.1  Co-op Audit - advising committee to advice consultants
       2.1.1 Committees, has reps for
   2.2  New
       2.2.1  Dinner with a prof - contact profs <--Greg send names (Hennings, hot Brad)

3.0  VP X
   3.1  Old
       3.1.1  Mini WEC posters up
           Info sheets ~ post on board, pass in classes
           add electronics stuff to design?  Judges, emerald, no response yet, Treva and Kevin will judge.        Make class announcements
       3.1.2  contact Jennie - done
   3.2  New
       3.2.1  ~~
       3.2.2  congress cut-off date July 23rd, get word out about it early
       3.2.3  Industry night - not happening
       3.2.4  WEC start time? 12:30

4.0  Dir. Com
   4.1  Old
       4.1.1  community based charity event -  looking into:  Habitat for Humanity,
   Parks clean up (or fix up),    Relay for life <-- wont work        talk to Greg
       4.1.2  Webpage - updated
   4.2  New
       4.2.1  Dates for Tubes - email out dates ,  first date is May 31st get stuff in by 29th: car rally, Mini WEC results, soccer tourney
       4.2.2  Directories - put up sheets, execs type up on spreadsheet during office hours
       4.2.3  Grad golf tourney - happens every year, date is July 24, same day as DUSTED  <-- being put into hybernation til spring(3A)/ letting the dream die (for now)
       4.2.4  Tubes Webpage - it exists, needs updating or something

5.0  Dir. Corp. R.
   5.1  Old
       5.1.1  package - need to be done for this Friday
       5.1.2  VIB meeting Friday, don't know time yet
   5.2  New
       5.2.1  if not VIB then who? Research into alternative options -->Molson’s, Lighthouse        liquor laws for kegs?

6.0  Dir. Events
   6.1  Old
       6.1.1  Camping - fun times!
       6.1.2  Intramural teams - ball hockey, drop in
   6.2  New
       6.2.1  Events dates - exam schedules ~ June sucks!!
               Pubcrawl - June 11th
               Charity event - June 26th
               Dinner with a prof, early July
               Faculty tour - July 4th
               Soccer Tourney - July 17th  ~pig roast same day? On beach? beer garden? Investigate

       6.2.2  Sporting Sponsorships for tourney  <--get some

7.0  Dir. Services
   7.1  Old
       7.1.1  Fleece - send out
       7.1.2  Exam strategy - pulling out old exams, ask ppl to bring in old exams?
   7.2  New
       7.2.1  Merchandise - shot glasses, very nice   need logo or something to put on
               Bumper stickers, little stickers - uvic engr. Logo
       7.2.2  made 3$ and 8$ copy cards, they are in the cash box - good job

8.0  Trez
   8.1  Old
       8.1.1 contact Kevin!!
       8.1.2 counted AGM money - good job
   8.2  New
       8.2.1  State of the Union - find out how much $$ we have, owe, etc.

9.0  Sec.
   9.1  Old stuff, done
   9.2  New
       9.2.1  office supplies in cabinet shelf, take note of stuff, send to Ryan
       9.2.2  phone message board ~ make less ghetto

10.0  Random BS
   Access to ESS funds - get invoice, then cheque from trez
If people ask about access cards to building/labs, send them, in angry state, to dean’s office
               Everyone Dismissed  :-)