Monday May 31, 2004
Engineering Student’s Society Stream B Minutes

Attendance:  on time: Greg, Jena, Tyson, Ian
          Late: Joey, Alana, Ryan, Eamon    Really late: Sean

1.0    Prez
   1.1    New
       1.1.1    APEG money, received 1000$
       1.1.2    Ring: 2nd years put on statue
       1.1.3    Tubes:  Everyone get stuff in on time!!  (sat. nights)
       1.1.4    Go Karts, June 25th
       1.1.5    Nasty Bucket: as Sean’s punishment for being late, he has to clean it
       1.1.6  use this link more for communication (crazy thing about forwarding to send)
       1.1.7    Treat – beer, next week Tyson’s turn

2.0    VP A
   2.1    Old
       2.1.1    Dinner with prof.  set up
       2.1.2    Committees: if interested in coop advisory meeting contact Tyson
   2.2    New
       2.2.1    New Elec specialization choice

3.0    VP X
   3.1    Old
       3.1.1    Mini WEC – good job
       3.1.2    Congress stuff – continue to promote
   3.2    New
       3.2.1    Rest of WEC –  ppl can still go, need them to enter in other categories, put up blurb about these
       3.2.2    Other conference dates: WEST retreat, Olympics

4.0    Dir. Comm
   4.1    Old
       4.1.1    Charity thing, waiting for response
       4.1.2    Car rally on webpage
       4.1.3    Directories – Execs type stuff in!
   4.2    New
       4.2.1    Car Rally – really need to promote, discuss, get ppl to sign up.  Prizes! Kegger after!  Get word out
       4.2.2    ESSB news - send one

5.0    Dir. C.R.
   5.1    Old
       5.1.1    Package – its done! Good work
     Need original title page
     money levels, minimum too high?
     Get printed on nice glossy pamphlets
          5.1.2    VIB – nothing
          5.1.3    Research for new breweries – registered charitable #?, Lighthouse, Molson’s (sponsors ETS and UBC), Labatt    local micro breweries Hugo’s or Swans #kegs used in a year? 8-10 per semester, 15-20 per year
   5.2    New
       5.2.1    VIB on Pub crawl?  Help with liaison at bars

6.0    Dir. Events
   6.1    Old
       6.1.1    Intramural teams – all dead – didn’t’ hear anything from guy
       6.1.2    Events dates – golf and soccer switch dates in July
   6.2    New
       6.2.1    PUBCRAWL!!! June 11th
     Theme:  sports, the “I’m going score pub crawl”
     Where: Felicitas, Fridays or Monkey Tree, Cambie, Sapranos, Lengends
     Prizes: trophies, tattoos, peircings?
     Get places and cheap buses ASAP   bookings, budget
     Promo – posters, ESSB, tickets readyfor Friday, class announcements
     Helpers: Ryan, Joey and Greg

7.0    Dir. Services
   7.1    Old
       7.1.1    Exams, started
       7.1.2    Merchandise – sent email for blasting, finalized logo, looking into stickers, pint glasses? 11$ per glass needs to be a large order
   7.2    New
       7.2.1    Fleeces, talked to guy, put up ads
       7.2.2    Office supplies – need duct tape
       7.2.3    Go thru stuff to update website

8.0    Trez
   8.1    Old
       8.1.1    Signing authorities – 2 ppl, Ian, Greg or Jena
   8.2    New
       8.2.1    Sub-orgs money – se how much we have for FSAE, AUVIC, Go WEST…
       8.2.2    Locked out of big money cabinet

9.0    Sec
   9.1    Old
       9.1.1    Blah
      9.2    New
       9.2.1    Help with pub crawl

10.0      Randomness

   10.1    Ryan with more about shot glasses (if execs want personalized)

Meeting done, yeah!

Next week: EVERYONE BE ON TIME!! 6:30pm