Monday, June 21
Engineering Student's Society Stream B Minutes

Attendence:  all exec but Eamon
regrets: Eamon
Joey was10mins late: sorry

1.0 Prz
   1.1 OLD
           1.1.1 Ring up yet? no, do it!
         1.1.2 Seminar Seiries: Roel
                       -Evening of 13th or 14th July
                       -Panel discussion
                       -Grad course, catred
                       -needs o be promoted - more details to come
                       -going in Tubes
                       -Commerce will attend as well
             1.1.3 Go Karts - this Friday at 2:30 - Alana and Ian driving
              1.1.4 Keep cleaning up this dump
      1.2 NEW
           1.2.1 Open House: make up 1 page visual about position, include pics, summary, etc.  any questions? ask Greg or other exec
           1.2.2  Kelly - ESS link, Jena email
           1.2.3  Next week's treat - Jena <--needs reminder
           1.2.4  Rock the vote - vote

2.0 VP A
       2.1 OLD
           2.1.1 Din w/ prof, no grad lounge, have it at either Smuggler's of Maud's
                                   w/ Driessen - July 5        w/ Buckham - July 7
           2.1.2  Mech courses - doing what they can/working on problem
           2.1.3 Scholarships - following up tomorrow
       2.2 NEW
           2.2.1  Roel's industry night: need help ask Greg
           2.2.2  Bridge orientation: next monday, June 28, send reps - Tyson, Joey and Alana
                               -invite to enter soccer tourney?      bring Tubes
3.0  VP X
       absent:  keep on pushing WEC stuff
                   help w/ pig roast
                   drink the REV

4.0  Dir. Com
       4.1 OLD
           4.1.1 Charity, lots of ppl, rides?  car pool thing.   need boots and a hat
       4.2  NEW
           4.2.1  Update webpage!
           4.2.2 Tubes - prizes for contests
                           next issue is Monday after readiung break - send stuff in by weds. b4 reading break
                                                                                               crazy reading break stories? send in by the sat

5.0  Dir. C.R.
       5.1 OLD
           5.1.1 package? Staples cant print to margin, everywhere else very expensive, go with Staples: colour and shiny
       5.2  NEW
          5.2.1 Who to send to?  Banks, big employers, local companies,  paper places: Warehouser,  Suncrude, Nortel?                                                                 Thrifties,  Dominoes, Save-on Foods,  Sapranos,
                                                   Shananigans (establish permanent deal)

                   have for next week a stack of hte brochures and strategy/ideas/brainstorm
          5.2.2 Girls Night planning - have 40$ to spend

6.0  Dir. Events
       6.1 OLD
           6.1.1 Pub Crawl - summary (change old), send out thank-yous
       6.2  NEW
           6.2.1  Sports tourney - last year: kegs on field under table thing, sponsored by Save-on Foods (banner up) and Boston Pizza
                           corporate team?  Power Measurement...
                            grad students teram? talk to Dr. Bhat and Marg Buckland for names

           6.2.2  Pig Roast - need pig, roaster,   ask Save-on Foods for sponsor for other food,
                                     -permit for park?  beer garden?
                                     -crack team, add ppl, ask 4th years for help
                                     -sooner than later!  approach early, b4 reading break come up with budget

7.0  Dir.  Services
       7.1  OLD
           7.1.1 Exams- where? scan, give stack to execs to scan in
                                - go through stack on top of cabinet, compare if on webpage, ask ppl to bring old exams

       7.2  NEW
           7.2.1  Merchandise - problem with logo approval, go see lady
                                           - other ideas? lanyards, hoodies, stickers, new engr sucks shirt, shot glasses)
                                           -get done and sell sweet merch. b4 fall comes

       8.1 OLD
           8.1.1 Sub-orgs,   visit by next week
           8.1.2  accounting <--- lazy and stupid
                                       - money is now there
           8.1.3 E-funds, no email reply, do some digging
       8.2   NEW
           8.2.1 get us some money

9.0  Sec
   9.1  office looking less ghetto
   9.2  NEW
       9.2.1  Create a task board for action items for each week
       9.2.2  invitation file sent, do something.....

no BS