Monday, July 12, 2004
Engineering Students' Society Stream B
The week of class announcements
Attendence: Greg, Eamon, Ian, Jena, Ryan, Alana, Joey, Tyson
Absent: Sean

       1) As always, why isn't the ring on the statue man yet??  His finger is
       rather bare and he might get charged with indecent exposure.

       2) Seminar Series: Weds. July 14
              intro. for speakers: Alana, Joey, Eamon and who?
              class announcements: make tues and weds (sheets in slotty things)
       3) Open House went well
       4) Next weeks treat to be brought by Ryan
       5) Events Summaries: Eamon - Mini WEC, Jena - Car Rally, Sean - Pub Crawl
                                                 DO THEM

       6) Next semester's plan: think about stuff

       1) Hot Brad is so rad
       2) 4A mechs - something is scheduled for the 27th... don't know much (nor care) cuz I'm a 2B elec!:>
              3)  relax and have a good week :-)

       1) Congress applications: done
                                       make class announcements
       2) Announcements to promote WEC
                          Ian will announce in 260 and 250
       3) talked to Dr. Miller about getting us $$ to send ppl across the country

Dir. Comm
       1) Garry Oak volunteer opportunity - July 18th, ppl sign up, it's good karma
       2) Tubes: get stuff in for this weekend, lots of stuff to make it look easy
                               cover story - soccer tourney

Dir. C.R.

       1) package: send out with letters
       2) Sponsorship for soccer tourney: contatc BP, ask Power Measurement to put in team
       3) talk to Molson guy

Dir. Events - absent, tsk tsk
      Ian subs in with stuff about sports tourney
           1) Budget cost: approx. 10$ per person
           2) put up posters, put in Tubes
           3) make class announcements early next week (Monday morn in 250)
4) Volunteer thankyou on July 30th

Dir. Services
       1) got in pretty shot glasses, now we gotta sell 'em
       2) talk to Shananigans- politely yet firmly
       3) ok to get pint glasses

       gave cheques - ppl happy
       portfolio thing...

       nothing new, wahoo!!  'cept I gotta type these damn things up (an hour of my week) and put stuff on the task board which I hope you guys will read and maybe do what it says... else it would just be useless and a waste of my time, which I am very good at doing and don't need any help doing so
ok, I'll stop whinning

                                       meeting is adjourned

                  yeah for Kinder Surprises, chocolate and a toy!