ESS Stream B Meeting
February 23 2005
ESS Meeting
22 February 2005

Ryan F
Mike W

Mike B

Ryan P

1. President:
-Lockers are not getting cut this semester
-Craig Church is running order of Pi; all the exec's are expected to help
-All Execs should write a how-to for thier positions

2. Services
-Ryan hasn't done anything and doesn't plan on doing anything soon
-Monthly inventory needs to be done

3. VPA
-Office tour will be the week after Pi

4. VPX
-Heard nothing from NCWIE
-Get in touch with George about Industry Night
-Look up drinking games for Pub Crawls

5. Corporate
-Called Lighthouse, guy wasn't there
-Called Staples, they said we need to apply for business card
-Call Oak Bay Rec about Dodge Ball tourney for these dates 19, 26 or 12

6. Events
-Order of Pi is going forward
-We may need to change date or location for Dodge ball tourney
-Volunteer thank you will be a Rager at Casa Del Sol on March 25; Bridges or First year will get in Cheaper
-Pub Crawl will be on the 4; posters need to go up tommorrow; Pub's will be Felicitas, Red Lion/Fox/Drinking in the alley, Sopranos, Deep/Boom Boom Room, Upstair/Legends
-The shirts will say "Hello My name is __________, If found passed out, Please return to ELW" with a Map of UVic made in paint on the back; They will be pink

7. Secretary
-Go to staples website and find a roladex
-Make announcments to first years about Order of Pi
-Make phone message box for Pi

8. Treasurer
-Bug Nikin about money
-Get University accounting to get them to send us our money