ESS Meeting

1 March 2005





Ryan F




Mike B


Ryan P




Mike W



1. President:

-Order of Pi meeting at 8:30 tonight

-Get exec how toís done


2. Services

-Inventory is done

-new pub crawl shirts are on order

-Badge ideas so far are Pi, Bug push, Frosh, ESS, Stunt

-Come up with new ideas to display merchandise


3. VPA



4. VPX

-No news from NCWIE

-Advertise for WESST towards end of semester

-Industry night is taken care of


5. Corporate

-Make sure that cards donít fall out of the rolodex

-We will get Staples business card in September


6. Events

-Order of Pi is happening

-Pub Crawl has been moved to the 18th ; venues should be booked by end of week

-Dodgeball tourney needs to be rebooked, It will have no Dinner; It will cost $10 per person

-Give Joey number for Velocks and Dominoes

-Mallory agreed to have Volunteer Thank You at Casa Del Sol; Price will be $5 for froshies or bridgies, $10 for everyone else and free for volunteers; we will start with 100 tickets



7. Secretary

-Tell first years to volunteer for Pi and lay charges


8. Treasurer

-Pay Velocks and Dominoes

-We got $4000 from stream A

-Get money from accounting

-Send emails to sub orgs for funding


9. Communications

-Directories are out; hand out directories in classes