ESS Meeting

8 March 2005





Ryan F




Mike B


Ryan P


Mike W.




1. President:

-everyone send in how to’s


2. Services

-pub crawl t-shirts have been ordered, $9 each

-working on artwork for patches, will not get price till art is done.

-look into hot tubs


3. VPA

-the senate ruling on class averages cannot be appealed; it can be put in to give grad students a reference to their marks

-Tyler price is running for the engineering senate position

-Office tour needs to be planned

-there will be an office cleanup next Tuesday after the meeting

-everyone make a display of what their position does

-Talk to friends about the crack house for kegger

-work on getting girls for dis-o


4. VPX

-hasn’t heard from NCWIE

-industry night is a go for the 16th

-girl’s night is the 23rd

-everyone make class announcements about pub crawl and industry nights


5. Corporate

-Lighthouse wants a proposal of what we want


6. Events

-Pub crawl is starting at 6:00; Felicita’s, Diego’s, Deep and Soprano’s are a go; Legends and One Lounge are in the air

-Dodgeball has been moved from April 2nd


7. Secretary

-Get tape (scotch and duct) and black jiffy markers

-Make sign up sheets for Dodgeball


8. Treasurer

-Wesst Retreat and Wesst Olympics need to be worked into the budget

-$500 will be given to grad; $400 each will go to Go West, FSAE, Science Venture, AUVic and EWB will get $200



9. Communications

-Update the webpage