ESS Meeting

15 March 2005





Ryan F




Mike B


Ryan P


Mike W.




1. President:

-Order of pi went well; made $2500

-People who have not done how to’s; get them done

-Office cleanup is still happening



2. Services

-Look into plexi-glassing the bottom of the display case

-Write article for tubes asking for old exams from grads


3. VPA

-Office tour has been canceled

-Write a petition for making the class averages on transcripts optional

-Work on publicizing the Endowment fund results


4. VPX

-Nothing from NCWIE

-Industry night is taken care off

-Girl’s night is the 23rd


5. Corporate

-Business contacts are going along well

-proposal was sent to Lighthouse

-Get pizza for Dodgeball tournament


6. Events

- shirts cost $924.20 for pub crawl

-the games for the pub crawl will be a beer bong pyramid and shot skis and king of the hill boat races

-Alana will get a flat of beer for shot gunning

-Dodge ball is booked 4:00 – 9:00 April 3rd; we need to get 12 balls; sign up sheets are almost done; there rules will be straight from the movie except that each team requires one girl.

-The crack shack is acquired for April 1st for thank you

-We will buy a keg for every 20 tickets that we sell

-ticket prices will be $10 for regulars, $5 for bridgies and first years and free for volunteers

-no hot tubs, but we will get a band instead.  


7. Secretary

-Make announcement for industry night in CSC 160

-get colored backing for our board out front


8. Treasurer

-We have enough money for the rest of the semester and some extra for the next semester

-Pay $80 to the Order of Pi



9. Communications

-put new directories online

-put girls night and volunteer thank you on website

-help mike with posting Endowment fund info on site