ESS Meeting

29 March 2005





Ryan F




Mike W

Mike B




Ryan P




1. President:

-Everyone think of things that they want to do over the summer


2. Services

-We need to get more toner and paper


3. VPA

-The faculty is aware of our objection to Average marks on transcripts and they are looking into adding in standard deviations to the transcripts

-writing petitions and going over peoples heads in the faculty is a bad idea

-try to locate the endowment fund proposals


4. VPX

-heard nothing from NCWIE

-Girl’s night went well


5. Corporate

-Will ask for free stuff when buying the kegs



6. Events

-Location is booked for dodge ball

-we still need to find balls for the tournament

-Year end barbeque is coming together

-The band is booked

-we still need to pick up the food and beer; Alana and Mike will get the food and kegs

-events for next semester: track day, one pub crawl, formal, car rally, paint ball, intramural team, foosball ladder/ tourney, sumo wrestling tournament. 


7. Secretary

-Clear calendar and fill in new dates


8. Treasurer

-Pi has been paid

-Budget report is done; currently we have ~$5000

-Have full budget report ready for next meeting with all the money that we spent listed


 9. Communications

-Help mike with the endowment fund info

-Map to party needs to be posted on website