September 26th




Alana Butler

Chris Chmara

Dan Bennett

Dan Beddoes

Basil Veerman

Jason Heinrich

J.D. Webber

Justin Nadeau

Zorawar Bhatia


1st yr. reps

Michelle Stephenson

Janel Wilms





-Cheque for presidents meeting

-Give stream A $75

-Work with Dan (SRV) on inter stream transfer

-Check accounts before every meeting

-Submit request for camera

-Find out how much money is needed for sub orgs.




-Find ECE rep.

-Call The Zone tomorrow 2pm for bug push promotion

††††††††††† Sent press release to them


-Investigate the BSENG students not paying fees


Bug Push:

††††††††††† Someone needs to pick up van on Thursday

††††††††††† Drivers need photocopies of IDís

††††††††††† Need a phone number sheet for campus police

††††††††††† Megaphones are needed

††††††††††† Tent-Thriftys said no. Need to rent one

††††††††††† Posters need to be done






-Design flag for bug push

-WESST retreat/olympics coming up


Dir. Comm:


-300 copies of tubes

-Put events schedule online

-Make bug push front page news

-Advertise the hunt


Dir. Corp


-Order new tent

-Order food for bug push

-E-mail industries





-The hunt

-Cancelled Pitch and Putt

-Cancelled bowling

-Get started on Pub Crawl


Dir. Serv:


-Do inventory

-Order new stuff

††††††††††† T-shirts

††††††††††† Lanyards

††††††††††† Foam domes

-Track down old exams

-Foose Grips?




-Make suggestions box

-Buy markers

-Make posters for bug push