November 7, 2005


Exec (minus Zorawar), Craw, Biology reps.





Girls night invitations need to be handed out.

Next Wednesday night.

Guys can come if dressed in convincing drag


Photocopier price change is in the works

Alana doesn’t want to mess it up


No-one has the last two semesters lock sheet so we cannot cut locks.

Anything not registered in 16 months then locks get cut


Endowment fund proposals


            Tubes stuff


            Beer distillery

            Cuban Cigars for meetings


Zorrowar’s possible impeachment


Next weeks treat: Dan and Jason






Formal: Cedar Hill golf course

                  200 people should be a go

                  Buffet and bar hopefully

                  Moved to the 25th now and kegger is 26th

                  Ticket price $30 unless dinner is cheap then $25

                  Biology said price is reasonable


                        Needed to know about location

                        Talked about it to nurses and geo

                        Bio will sell tickets for us

                        Combo ticket?...Reduced price on the kegger ticket

                        Another option is more kegs instead


                        Exec Tables

                        MC needed     


Pub Golf: T-Shirt designs need to be done this week

                 9 bars, driving range and putting green so 11 places on the shirts

                 Shirts have to be ordered for Friday so bars have to be booked for Thursday






                        Big Bad Johns



                        Mystery Stop


                        (not in that order)

            Rules: Puking minus 1

                        Body shots plus 2

            Everything needs to be booked soon so that prices can be set


Kegger: (Mike) Ice, cups, CO2 taps

                          Need to set up night before

                          Working on free prizes (gift certificates)







4th year info.  Needs to talk to them

December 6th:  Alana and J-Whey are doing speeches

                         Still need an English speaking prof


Door prizes for formal with Mike









WESST retreat

            Half page write up for people who went

            All the things learned and taken from the meetings as a resource for future visits

Important things about WESST

Kienan was elected WESST prez

WESST fees are 25 cents now

Olympics and retreat are combined

            We would send more people

            Hopefully it will be a hosted event

UVIC is hosting WEC 2008

            A chair person needs to be elected along with an exec hopefully outside the exec

UNBC are now non voting members


Industry night: Shelly is doing most of the work

                         Need promotion for high turnout

                         No budget but we can use mini wec or sports tourney money


Congress: We are sending 6 people due to seating issues

                  Priority will be given to CFES exec candidates

                  Possible solution to sending more people would be sending with other stream

                        Entry fees are too high so the extra $1,200 is too much

                  Need to book flights now and need to decide now


UBC: Wants to come for formal and kegger

                        $35 for both events or free kegger admission



Com: Directories printed

          Pictures on website

          Talk to Tyler about website


          Tubes: Awards, WEC write up

                      Who’s going to WEC

                      Promos for events

















Corp: Mailing letters tomorrow


           Call syncrude







Serv: Order merchandise

            Red shirts done tomorrow

            Lanyards are coming

            Put stuff on display

            Print new price list

            Display case in ELW

            Fleeces tomorrow


Clean the foosball table








Put minutes online

Get scissors


Help with flights for congress

Talk to janitor about vacuuming









Help with JD

Look into track suits