November 14, 2005



Exec, Mike, Jackson, First years








-Checked out venue

-Menu has been picked out

-Not enough money for wine

-Wrist bands for people over 19

-Expensive drinks so pack a mickey under the table

-$30 a ticket

-Food is 26 plus other stuff…so $6520

-SOCan fee $60

-DJ fee $400

-$900 over budget

-Silent auction

-Bio doesn’t know how many tickets…hoping for 50



Game Academy:


-Saturday the 3rd of December

-Hosting a Halo tournament

-Projection screens, leather seats, surround sounds


-Giving donations for silent auctions

-X-Box 360 will be there

-Have people sign up in the ESS

            Get e-mail addresses

            Advertise in Tubes

-Teams of 4

-E-mail to Mike with prizes

-We need tickets or sign up sheet for people





-Girls Night 3rd year tickets are gone?

-Alana Janel are coming to mech 200

-Mike has 3rd year mechs

-Nothing with photocopier

-Meeting Jason, Justin, Alana going to meeting

-Alana has treat next week









-Alana and Justin did budget

-We need it looked over

-Cutting speech because she isn’t in our stream

-Hope that endowment funding comes through for WEC




-4th year mech info session

-December 6th memorial

            Alana and J-Wei need speeches

-Need people to sell ribbons

-Need people to get donations

-Engr 280 final quiz is on the same day when classes are to be cancelled (December 6th)

            Alana is in the class and will hopefully get it rescheduled





-Industry night needs promotion next Wednesday free food

-Need people to put up UBCer’s

-We are registered for Congress, Dan paid his money for registration

-Make applications for WEC chair


Dir. Comm


-Directories need to be handed out

-Ran out of paper for tubes

            3rd year elecs read them

            1st years read em

-Pictures.  Tyler gave the wrong instructions on how to post them

-Next weeks tubes will be the same next week



Dir. Corp:


-Thank you letters have been sent

-FREE pizza for pub golf








Dir. Events:



            We need to help sell tickets with Bio

-Class announcements taken care of

-Need to keep phoning places

-Pub Golf shirts

            Velox                         5:30-6:30 Beer

            Diegos  Gift Certificates


            Liquor Leaving           8:00

            Sopranos                     8:15-8:45

            Big Bad Johns             9:00-9:30

            Lucky                          9:30-10:00

            Hugo’s                        10:15-11:00

            Red Jacket                  11:00-12:00

            Legends                      12:00-------


Dir. Srv:


-Lanyards will be here this week

-Clean foose table

-Order fleeces

-Order more paper for tubes





-Put minutes online





-Neither Zellers nor Wallmart has track suits