AGM May 10th/2006 Start 2:38 PM

2:38 Motion to adopt: Mike Waters

Seconded by the Craw

Roberts Rules of order


Alana: Method of voting stated

                        - State your name and nominee’s name

                        - Nominee to say a few things

                        - Vote by show of hands

                        - Recount can be done if close


Ratification of the budjet

Thomas: How may girls enrolled? (Wants to justify the money allocated for girls night)


Alana: I do not know


Paul: Why does girl’s night get so much more cash compared to pub crawl?

(amendment) More money to be allocated for pub crawl


Tyler: Girls night is funded to encourage girls to get out and have fun.


Paul amendment withdrawn



Ian: What’s endowment fund?

Alana: Money is donated into it for better equipment and projects.

Tyler: Any student can submit a proposal for funding/



Vote to adopt: 36 for

                        0 against

                        8 abstain


Revote: 38 for

                        3 abstain

                        0 against


Term Review:

Pres: Alana Butler

            -Represents the entire ESS

            - Is the one is charge of overseeing delegation of requests

            - Also answers for problems


VP Academic: Chris Chmara

            -Deals with the faculty

            -Helps students with conflicts with faculty

            -Fixes exam conflicts


Aaron: What did you do?

Position Open


VP external: Jason Heinrich

            -Deals with the organization outside of UVic

            -Sends people to events and conferences.


Jason: Mini Wec is her and WEC is @ UBC this year.

            Liaison between students and APEG


Treasurer: Zorowar

            -Deals with none, and the budget

Position Open


Director of Events

            -Organizes events (sports and social)

Aaron: What events?

J.D: Kegger, Paintball, Camping, Pub crawl


John: What will happen with safety? (Bus pass)

Alana: Steps are being taken by stream A.


Director of Services: Dan Beddoes

            -Provides services such as exams and photocopying as well as merchandise.


Mark R: what will be done to get more recent exams?

Alana: Money has bee delegated for new exams.


Mark F: are we allowed to provide solved math exams?

Alana: Yes


Position Open


Director of Communication: Basil Veerman

            -Deals with promotion via website and newsletters


Position Open


Director of Corporate Relations: Dan Bennett

            -Gets sponsorship for events and services


Secretary: Justin

            -Takes minutes at meetings

            -Gets mail

                                                             Position Open






                                                             Nomination: Chris Chmara


                                                             2nd: Mark F


                                                             Nomination: The Craw

                                                             Jason H.




Chris Chmara: -Going to make sure we stick to our budget

                        -Chris has a lot of ESS experience


Votes:                          38 for

                                    0 against

                                    8 abstain

New treasurer is Chris Chmara



VP Academic:

                                                            Nomination: The Craw


                                                            2nd: Mike Waters



                                                            Nomination: Jackson


                                                            2nd The Craw



                                                            Nomination: John MacIntosh

                                                            Tyler Price

                                                            2nd: Mike


                                                            Nomination: Joey Luyckx


                                                            2nd: Justin


John: Values the importance of the link between faculty and students

Joey: Lots of experience.



Q: Mark: Would you hold teachers accountable for how they teach?


A: Both: Yes.


Q: Tyler: How would you handle conflicts in the ESS being a high ranking position?


A: Joey: Get student opinions and encourage outside attendance t meetings

A: John: Would only include others if it was appropriate


Q: Mike: Would you try to establish contact with the after societies and courses unions.


A: Both: Yes because we feel isolated and it would be good to reach out.


Q: Jash: Can you get Haddow fired?


A: Joey: Talk to the dean.

A: John: Look at pressuring the profs with evaluations


Votes:              Joey: 30

                        John: 10

                        5 Abstain

Joey is new VP Academic



Director of Communication

                                                            Nomination: Alison


                                                            2nd: Mike



                                                            Nomination: Tyler Price

                                                            The Craw

                                                            2nd: Mike



                                                            Nomination: Jackson


                                                            2nd: Basil



                                                            Nomination: John MacIntosh


                                                            2nd: Jackson



                                                            Nomination: May


                                                            2nd: Chris


                                                            Nomination: Paul Reimer


                                                            2nd: Mark



May: Hopes to address the isolating issues


Paul: Knows the exec, loves tubes, wants to improve tubes and make it more professional


Q: John: Any publication experience?


A: Both: No.


Q: Eamon: Willing to put in time?

A: Both: Yes


Q: Mike: Will you update the website?

A: Both: Yes.


Votes:                          Paul: 31

                                    May: 9

                                    Abstain: 4


Paul Reimer is New Director of Communication


Director of Services


                                                            Nomination: Harpreet


                                                            2nd: Mike Waters


                                                            Nomination: Abhinav


                                                            2nd: Paul


                                                            Nomination: Aaron Truman

                                                            Paul Reimer

                                                            2nd: Justin


Harpreet: Good people person and values the photocopier and microwave

Abhinav: Wants to get involved with the ESS. Thinks it’s a great position with many possibilities


Aaron: Never been involved, wants to provide more exams.

Q: Basil: How often do you plan to clean the microwave?

A: All: They all intend to clean it often.


Q: Tyler: What is happening with printing?

A:         Hapr: Speak to the dean

            Abhinav: Speak to the dean

            Aaron: Seeing if CSC will join forces with us


Q: JD: Any ideas for new merchandise

A: Hapr: New apparel

A: Abhinav: Contests

A: Aaron: Summer Gear


Q: André: What to do with old stock?

A: Abhinav: Go to other faculties and promote gear.


Q: Sundeep: Online posting of exams is lacking. Do you want to put them online?


A: Harp: Encourage student submissions.

A: Abhinav: Will go and get more exams

A: Aaron: Will make sure the budget gets spent well


Q: Mark: Would you approach profs:

A: All: Yes.



                        Harpreet 27

                        Aaron: 8

                        Abhinav: 5

                        Abstain: 6

Harpreet is the new Director of Services




                                                            Nomination: Aaron Truman

                                                            Chris Chmara

                                                            2nd: JD



                                                            Nomination: Abhinav Rai

                                                            Will Fraser

                                                            2nd: Harpreet


                                                            Nomination: Logan Volkers

                                                            Will Fraser

                                                            2nd: Chris Chmara


                                                            Nomination: The Craw


                                                            2nd: Will Fraser


Abhinav: Just wants to get involved, knows the importance of minutes.


Logan: Will clean the office and take minutes


The Craw: Came to the meetings last year, knows the position.



Q: Would you be willing to be held accountable for the plant?


A: All: Yes.


Q: Tyler: Will you help move the office?

A: The craw: Has lots of time.



            The Craw: 15

            Abhinav: 13

            Logan: 14


Tyler challenge.

Mike seconded


            Abhinav: 12

            Logan: 18

            The Craw: 18


Mike to run-ff vote.

Tyler seconded.


            Logan: 29

            The Craw: 16

Logan Volkers is new secretary/





1st Motion

Posting of budget.

by Chris Chmara

2nd by Aaron.


Q: John: Who will post on website?

A: Treasurer and Dir Comm.


Amendment: Tyson.                 Show the old and new budgets for comparison.


Amendment: Sundeep. Make the posting at a specific time.

                                                Change “current financial situation” to “updated budget”.


Amendment: Alana                   Be put in Stream B policy manual


Amendment: John         The posted budget needs to be approved by the Exec.



            For: 48

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 3



2nd motion

By Tyler Price

2nd by Alana Butler


Butting of unregistered lockers.


Q: Mike: What will be done to enforce this?

A: Tyler: The locks WILL be cut on a specific date.


Amendment: Tyson                   At a certain time this will be emailed out.

                                                Clarify who cuts the locks.


Q: Janel: Can you keep on while not on campus.

A: Tyler: No.


Q: Tyson: What is there are enough lockers open?

A: Tyler: It’s going to happen regardless.


Counter Proposal: Tyson.

If there are less than 50 locks on lockers, then no cutting.



On proposal::

            For: 34

            Against: 6




Counter Proposal:





3rd Motion

Rename the position of Treasurer to VP Finance.

By Jason Heinrich.


Q: John: Changing the name might change the image.

A: Sundeep: The role of “treasurer” is not just the treasurer of the ESS. VP Finance give the position it’s importance.


Counter proposal: John

To give the title of Treasurer and VP finance.




            For: 43

            Against: 1

            Abstain: 4



Counter Proposal:





4th Motion

New Engineering Logo

By Tyler



            For: 27

            Against: 16

            Abstain: 7

Failed due to lack of voting.



            For: 32

            Against: 16

            Abstain: 8




Impromptu Motions:


1st Motion

By Alana

2nd by Dan Bennett


The VPA should sit on the UVSS Concil

Mike: Since we pay them student fees, we should receive funding though them.



            For: 40

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0



2nd Motion

Get a sound device for the AGM

By Mark

2nd by Tyler Price



            For: 40

            Against: 0

            Abstain: 0





Meeting Adjourned 4:12