ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday May 15, 2006


1.0  President

1.1  New Business

1.1.1        Coop Meeting

1.1.2        Logo

1.1.3        Update Policy Manual with AGM motions


2.0  Vice President Academic

2.1  New Business

2.1.1        Course Unions

2.1.2        Mailing lists for meeting


3.0  Vice President External

3.1  New Business

3.1.1        APEG

3.1.2        Complementary Educations Courses

3.1.3        Engineering Associates Meeting


4.0  Vice President Finance

4.1  New Business

4.1.1        Signing Authority

4.1.2        Balance

4.1.3        Count money in Safe


5.0  Director of Communications

5.1  New Business

5.1.1        Update Website

5.1.2        Tubes for Monday

5.1.3        Directories




6.0  Director of Events

6.1  New Business

6.1.1        Schedule of Events

6.1.2        Camping


7.0  Director of Services

7.1  New Business

7.1.1        Inventory

7.1.2        Exams

7.1.3        Print Credits

7.1.4        Labs

7.1.5        Photocopy Cards

7.1.6        Display Case Lock


8.0  Director of Corporate Relations

8.1  New Business

8.1.1        Get sponsor for soccer

8.1.2        Contact Red Bull


9.0  Secretary

9.1  New Business

9.1.1        Post office hours

9.1.2        Email Contact info

9.1.3        Type up AGM minutes

9.1.4        New names on boxes and board




ESS Meeting Minutes - Monday May 15, 2006


New business of the president:


Last term, the president had a meeting with head of coop, and would like more in tubes and wires, and communication with the ESS


The logo did not pass. There are a few options about what we can do.


                -Open up the logo contest again

                -Have a special ESS resolution


Resolution: The logo contest will be re-opened and advertised in tubes.


Note: For the logo announcement, the logo cannot contain copyrighted material such as the University of Victoria shield


The president will update the policy manual with the motions passed at the AGM


New business of the vice president academic


The VP academic will be required to determine what and where the course union meetings are, as well as get included on the mailing lists.


New business of the vice president external

On May 25, APEG will be having their AGM. For students it is $15 and includes drinks. They will need to be contacted with a list of how many students will attend.


VP external has been contacting people about national engineering week.  APEG has a $1000 request in their budget to fund our promotion of the week. They will be willing to help promote engineering related pranks. The latest prank has been proposed by replacing James Cook in the habour


A few students are needed to help out with the tablet award.


The engineering associates meeting will be attended by the VP external


New business of the vice president finance


VP Finance will be required to get signing authority and signing authority for the ESS bank account.


The VP finance will need to make a deposit with the cash from the AGM


The VP finance will need to get access to UVic financial tracking system


New business of the director of communications


Update the website with the new exec positions profiles

Update the website with the camping trip


A new issue of tubes is due Monday, which should include both information about the camping trip and the exec position profiles


There is a fourth year named Jay, who would like to contribute to tubes. Also, if any members of tubes could contribute to tubes, it would be much appreciated.


Since the school has been cracking down on the reputation of the ESS as a drinking society, then references to drinking should be toned down in tubes.


This is the last semester that we are going to be doing directories. Forms will need to be printed and passed out in classes.


New business of the director of events

The first event is camping, which is the first weekend in June.


The tentative date for the Pub Crawl is May 26th, 2006.

The t-shirt will be a lime green shirt, with a picture of a hard hat on the front and the slogan “Do you want to touch my helmet?” on the back.


The tentative date for the Dodgeball tournament is July 15, 2006


The tentative date for the Pitch and Putt tournament is June 24th, 2006.


Events still in need of being scheduled:

  • MiniWec
  • Paintball
  • Girl’s Night
  • Industry Night
  • Dodgeball
  • Waterslide trip


The French beach camping trip is being planned. Still to do: Sell tickets, book site and book bus.


New business of the director of services


Check the courses currently being offered contact the instructors and ask them for copies of previous final exams.


Printing can now only be done with engineering printing credits. The director of services needs to figure out how the ESS sells printing credits.


The director of services will need to make sure that the SENG labs are available for students.


Will need to order more photocopy cards.


New business of the director of corporate relations


Corporate relations will need to:


Help out more with Tubes and Wires

Find a sponsor for the intramural soccer team

Contact Red Bull energy drink re: sponsorship


New business of the secretary


Post office hours on the door of the ESS office


Email contact information to the ESS exec


Type up of the AGM minutes


Update boxes and boards in the ESS office