ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday May 22, 2006


1.0     President

1.1     Old Business

1.1.1            Coop Meeting

Because the co-op meeting was moving, the meeting has been delayed.


1.1.2            Update Policy Manual with AGM motions


The policy manual has been updated. The constitution is being tracked down.

1.2     New Business

1.2.1            Email accounts

Definitions of ESS operation rules

Everyone can now access their email accounts. The new email address of the treasurer is

Everyone should be checking their email daily.


1.2.2            Definitions of rules

Rule 2: No excuses

Rule 8: Last person, or absentee, will be required to clean the office next week.


1.2.3            Meeting Agenda

Contact the pres the night before, with what should be included in the ESS exec meeting agenda.


2.0     Vice President Academic Ė NOT PRESENT

2.1     Old Business

2.1.1            Course Unions

2.1.2            Mailing lists for meeting

2.2     New Business

2.2.1            Mech Meetings?

2.2.2            When are we moving?

2.2.3            Girls Night


3.0     Vice President External

3.1     Old Business

3.1.1            Engineering Associates Meeting

The VPX will type up and deliver any interest notes from the meeting.

3.2     New Business

3.2.1            APEG AGM

Still has not been contacted by the head.


3.2.2            Mini WEC

A date for mini WEC needs to be chosen.


3.2.3            Industry Night

VPX would like to plan an industry night. Preferably some time in July.

Potentially, invite those that are hiring.

A date has yet to be chosen.


3.2.4            Prank society

Wrote up a blurb about the prank society, which will be in the next issue of tubes.


4.0     Vice President Finance

4.1     Old Business

4.1.1            Balance

The ESS is currently $175 over budget due to the Deanís BBQ costing too much. Shit happens.

4.2     New Business

4.2.1            Deposit

There is a lot of cash in the safe, which needs to be put into the bank.


4.2.2            Budget

The budget needs to be posted at some point during this month.


4.2.3            Contact Accounting

The VPF will contact accounting for information about enrolment and when we will get our funding.







5.0     Director of Communications

5.1     Old Business

5.1.1            Update Website

Now that email access has been arranged, this should be possible and taken care of shortly.

5.1.2            Directories

A questionnaire sheet has been prepared, and will be distributed in the Elec 250 classes for the 2nd years and Engr 295 for the 4th years.


5.2     New Business

5.2.1            Tubes Tomorrow

Tubes will be ready for tomorrow.

Donít include the pub crawl, as it will be delayed. The camping night will be at china beach, not French beach.


Tubes costs the same to produce regardless of the paper sizes--the larger tubes is the betterer tubes.

Tubes will be distributed in elec 260 and mech 400 and 395, 441, 407


6.0     Director of Events

6.1     Old Business

6.1.1            Schedule of Events

6.1.2            Camping

French beach has been booked from January to September, every weekend. Instead, China beach has been booked. There is no group site, so we need to select 6 campsites next to each other. School buses will need to be booked.


The ESS will provide transportation, campsite costs, and food (hotdogs, veggie dogs, marshmallows, fruits and muffins)

6.2     New Business

6.2.1            Pub Crawl

The pub crawl is not happening. The T-Shirts were not ordered in time, so it will need to be delayed. The new tentative date for the pub crawl is June 23rd.

6.2.2            Charity Event

Blood drive? Will be organized by the VPX and Dir Events.



7.0     Director of Services Ė not present

7.1     Old Business

7.1.1            Inventory

7.1.2            Exams

7.1.3            Print Credits

7.1.4            Labs

7.1.5            Photocopy Cards

7.1.6            Display Case Lock


8.0     Director of Corporate Relations

8.1     Old Business

8.1.1            Get sponsor for soccer

Sponsorship proposal prepared for thrifty foods.

8.1.2            Contact Red Bull

Dir Corps hasnít talked to Red Bull yet.

8.1.3            Free food

See if any grocery stores will provide free food for the China beach camping trip.


9.0     Secretary

9.1     New Business

9.1.1            Water Plant

9.1.2            Post Minutes

9.1.3            Email VPA and Dir Ser about Clean Up