ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday May 29, 2006


1.0     President

1.1     Old Business

1.1.1            Coop Meeting

Pres had a meeting with the coop office.

1.1.2            Email accounts

Everyone should email the pres before the meeting with business to be talked about at the meeting.

1.2     New Business

1.2.1            Money for card/flowers

There is not money for cards/flowers in the budget. This is as yet unresolved.

1.2.2            Class announcements

Everyone should be making class announcements about the camping trip in order to boost sales.

1.2.3            Definitions of Rules

Rule 9 – Miss two meetings and you must clean the microwave.

Rule 5- Hi Five.


2.0     Vice President Academic

2.1     Old Business

2.1.1            Course Unions – she is there now

The VPA will be missing from every second ESS meeting to attend the Course Union meetings. We will be a non-voting member of the course union, so we will not having any say on their budget.

2.1.2            When are we moving? – Aug

We will be packing everything up, the movers will move everything upstairs, and stream A will be un-packing.

2.1.3            Girls Night – June 6 or 7

VPA is planning girls’ night. Suggested that guys get involved?


3.0     Vice President External

3.1     Old Business

3.1.1            Engineering Associates Meeting

“The engineering associates meeting sucked balls”. There were not very many people there, the lecture sucked, and it ran late.

3.1.2            APEG AGM

There was an open bar, food, a brewery tour. There was a good turnout of engineers, but it is definitely a suggested experience. Everyone there was really pumped to see students. The VPX is on the executive now.

3.1.3            Mini WEC

Mini WEC will be July 8th.


3.2     New Business

3.2.1            Complimentary Education

Will Fraser got accepted to bio-medical complimentary education. A proposal will need to be written for travel expenses, and the ESS will cover the admission fee.

3.2.2            Industry Night

Schedule a date for industry night.

3.2.3            Travel proposal for next year

While preparing a travel proposal, the VPX should write a travel proposal for next years events.

3.2.4            President’s Meeting

The VPX will be contemplating going to the PM, although the candidate is not yet decided.


4.0     Vice President Finance

4.1     Old Business

4.1.1            Deposit

Completed, minimum float in the safe

4.1.2            Budget

Yet to be posted

4.1.3            Contact Accounting

Yet to be done

4.2     New Business

4.2.1            Balance

$5 above prospective -- $19,125.67

4.2.2            Buy Computer

A computer will be chosen, and requisition sent to the faculty.


5.0     Director of Communications

5.1     Old Business

5.1.1            Update Website

Excellently done

5.1.2            Directories

Soon to be typed up and posted on the website. Distributed amongst the ESS and prepared for Friday.


5.2     New Business

5.2.1            Tubes next week

Tubes will be prepared for next Monday. Any contributions will be happily accepted.        Grad chair

A Grad chair will need to be chosen for the upcoming semesters.

5.2.2            Make poster

Make a poster for the camping trip.


6.0     Director of Events

6.1     Old Business

6.1.1            Camping

Need to buy food still, waiting for sign-ups. Buses have been arranged.

Leaving Lot 1, 2:00pm Saturday

Returning Lot 1, 4:00pm Sunday

6.1.2            Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl will be rescheduled for Friday June 16. The theme has also been changed. (Mardi Gras?)

6.1.3            Charity Event


7.0     Director of Services

7.1     Old Business

7.1.1            Inventory

Has not been done yet

7.1.2            Exams


7.1.3            Print Credits

The accounts should be up later tonight. We will take their money and add funds to their account.

7.1.4            Photocopy Cards


7.1.5            Paper

Paper is purchased from Staples, and will be taken care of.

7.1.6            Microwave

This has been cleaned.

7.1.7            Display Case Lock


7.1.8            Pub Crawl Shirts

Will be working with Dir Events on pub crawl shirts


8.0     Director of Corporate Relations

8.1     Old Business

8.1.1            Get sponsor for soccer

8.1.2            Contact Red Bull

Received a nice letter of rejection

8.2     New Business              

8.2.1            Free food for camping

Need to contact local businesses for free food sponsorship.

8.2.2            Pitch’n’Putt people

Need to contact local businesses for sponsorship.

8.2.3            Prizes for Pub Crawl

IE: Masks, fake boobs


9.0     Secretary

9.1     Old Business

9.1.1            Water Plant


9.1.2            Post Minutes


9.2     New Business

9.2.1            Make invitations for girls night

Will work with VPA on making girls night invitations