ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday June 5, 2006


1.0     President

1.1     Old Business

1.1.1            Email accounts

Again, nobody emailed the pres about what needs to be on the ESS agenda. There is a lack of adult responsibility.

1.2     New Business

1.2.1            Ticket Sales

Ticket sales for this week, there will be tickets available for tomorrow. Everyone should be selling tickets in the lobby during their office hours.

1.2.2            Events

The prez is very disappointed that events had to be cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales. Events need to actually run, as we are a month into the semester and we have still not done anything.

1.2.3            Email Coop Re: Industry Night

The prez will talk to Coop about industry night. Tentative date for industry night is july 19th

1.2.4            Bridge Orientation

At the end of the month, the bridge students will be starting their “bridge”. A few years ago, we talked to them about the ESS. The prez would like someone to talk to the “bridgies” this year.

1.2.5            The Logo

The prez would like to put forward a special executive resolution to put the logo submitted for approval at the AGM into the policy manual. The logo cannot contain the UVic Logo.


2.0     Vice President External

2.1     Old Business

2.1.1            Mini WEC

Have to make up some sign up sheets, and pick the days to organize the events. The tentative date is July 10. Next week, the sign up sheets should be up.

2.2     New Business

2.2.1            Travel Money

A proposal has been written.

2.2.2            Charity Event

Red Cross has not been contacted about the event yet.

2.2.3            President’s meeting

VPX will not be available for the president’s meeting, as he will be working abroad for the fall work term. A replacement needs to be found. We do need to send someone.


3.0     Vice President Finance

3.1     Old Business

3.1.1            Budget

The budget has been updated and posted. We are just a bit over, as camping did not happen. There is an additional $250 from that cancelled trip. There is a suggestion to have paintball as an event with that money saved.

3.1.2            Contact Accounting

VPF talked to accounting on Monday, and that the person in charge was not there. He will check back later for the money owed from student fees.

3.1.3            Buy Computer

The VPF went and ordered the computer. The total cost was $15.17 over the budgeted price, and it should arrive in 2 weeks. The computer is a 2.53Ghz Intel Celeron, 512mb ram, 80GB hard drive.

3.2     New Business

3.2.1            Balance

The same as last week

3.2.2            Sub-org money

Send out emails for Sub-Orgs, requesting their proposals.

3.2.3            Bank Account

The bank account has much extra money, built up from many semesters of ESS running under budget. The VPF will need to investigate what this money is from and where it can go.


4.0     Director of Communications

4.1     Old Business

4.1.1            Directories

Cannot be published, because we’re still waiting for the typed up directories from all of VPA, Dir Ser, and Dir Corps

4.1.2            Good Job with Tubes

Thanks very much to VPX and Dir Comm for the excellent tubes work.

4.2     New Business

4.2.1            Handout Tues of Wed

Girls night is actually Wednesday, that was a mistake. Grad as well.

4.2.2            Update Website

The logo competition, and pub crawl, need to be updated to the website.

4.2.3            Post Tubes on Tubes website

This has already been done.


5.0     Director of Events

5.1     Old Business

5.1.1            Pub Crawl        Tickets

Tickets will be printed and distributed        Bars

We’re going to Langford!!        Busses

Buses will be okay.        Games

Still being planned… nothing yet. People will think of games and discuss them next meetings. One possibility is “Sink the Battleship”

5.1.2            Charity Event

Pint for a pint.

5.2      New Business

5.2.1            Pitch n’ Putt

Start looking into different places.


6.0     Director of Services

6.1     Old Business

6.1.1            Inventory

The inventory has been counted. It’s on a piece of paper. Put it on the computer and email it to VPF.

6.1.2            Exams

The exams are being compiled, but all the midterms from all the professors could not be put together in time for this semester’s midterms.

6.1.3            Print Credits

We are able to take money from people and put it in their accounts.

6.1.4            Photocopy Cards

These need to be ordered, contact previous Dir Comm.

6.1.5            Display Case Lock

6.2     New Business

6.2.1            Pub Crawl Shirts

Wait until the first week of sales is done, and then order the shirts to determine whether this will be a 50 person or 100 person pub crawl.

6.2.2            Fleeces

Look on dirt, and get a sign up sheet for fleeces.


7.0     Director of Corporate Relations

7.1     Old Business

7.1.1            Get sponsor for soccer

Haven’t heard anything back yet, so he wants to try somewhere else.

7.1.2            Contact Red Bull

There has still been nothing back from Red Bull, but Dir Corps keep on trying to get sponsorship from them.

7.1.3            Pitch’n’Putt people

Will send an email out once Dir Corps gets a response from Shelly.

7.1.4            Prizes for Pub Crawl

Get on top of getting some prizes from businesses.

7.2     New Business              

7.2.1            Sponsor for Mini-WEC

Try and get a sponsor for Mini-WEC. We only have a $100 budget, so finding this kind of sponsor would not be hard.

7.2.2            Business Cards.

Dir Comm made up a few designs with the Viking logo.


8.0     Secretary

8.1     Old Business

8.1.1            Water Plant

Done and done

8.1.2            Post Minutes

Done and done

8.2     New Business

8.2.1            Make Pub Crawl Poster

Will make both full size posters and 11x17 posters.

8.2.2            Bridge student presentation

Will develop a presentation for bridge student orientation.


9.0     Vice President Academic – NOT PRESENT

9.1     Old Business

9.1.1            Girls Night – June  7

9.2     New Business

9.2.1            SENG Fees?