ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday June 12, 2006


1.0     President

1.1     Old Business

1.1.1            Email accounts

Thank you Dan, JD and Chris for emailing their agendas, and boo on you for everyone else.

1.1.2            Ticket Sales

Everyone during the week sell tickets, as there are a lot to sell.

1.1.3            Bridge Orientation

Got in touch with Karen, and she thinks it is kind of useless to present as the students have too much information thrown at them. The prez will co-ordinate with stream A to help them present at the September orientation

1.2     New Business

1.2.1            Logo

No logo has been developed yet. A new logo has still not been created, but one should be created. Preferably, some logos should be created and submitted in tubes, asking “we need more logos submitted; these are all that we have”.

1.2.2            How-to’s

A suggestion that dir ser came up with was to have everyone summarize what they did so that future executives can easily transition into their new roles.

1.2.3            Definition of Rules

This rule is in effect as of next week.

Rule 9 – This is being redefined as the “treat rule”. The person who last arrives at the meeting will need to bring a treat to the next meeting. Also, anyone who is late for the meeting will not get a treat! L


For: 6

Against: 2

Abstain: 1


2.0     Vice President Academic

2.1     Old Business

2.1.1            Girls Night

The total attendance was thirteen, which was a pretty good turn out.

2.1.2            SENG Fees

It’s been confirmed that SEngs are now paying fees, so now they are allowed ESS privileges. Now we need to make sure that we can include them in our directories, tubes and other ESS services. Specifically, tubes and wires will need to be distributed to the Seng classes.

2.2     New Business

2.2.1            Curriculum Meeting

Mech 295 – It is the opinion of the Exec that it would be more applicable if there was more electrical system specific curriculum ie: heat transfer

Two programming languages – It is the opinion of the Exec that the current setup is beneficial

Specialization - It is the opinion of the Exec that the current setup is beneficial

Equivalency of upper level courses - It is the opinion of the Exec that the current setup is beneficial



3.0     Vice President External

3.1     Old Business

3.1.1            Mini WEC

The sign up sheets have been made

3.1.2            Travel Money

The requests for travel money are in.

3.1.3            Charity Event

Haven’t received a response from Red Cross yet

3.1.4            PM

The director of events will (tentatively) attend the meeting.


3.2     New Business

3.2.1            Industry Night

The industry night will be planned for the night of Tuesday, July 18th

3.2.2            Handbooks

During office hours, make notes on the handbooks that stream A made. It will be a handbook/planner.


4.0     Vice President Finance

4.1     Old Business

4.1.1            Budget

We have a bit of a problem from university publishers. It was expected to be $1000, but it ended up being $500. The publishers usually give us money for directories, but the check was not as expected. Otherwise, we are doing well as

4.1.2            Contact Accounting

VPF talked to them today, they will not pay us until mid-august

4.1.3            Buy Computer

Done and done

4.1.4            Sub-org money

Go-West and science venture want $750. They have two weeks to submit their proposal forms. FSAE is away on competition, so they might end up coming later.

4.2     New Business

4.2.1            Balance

The balance is 8822.16, and all the money is accounted for.


4.2.2            Deposit

There are two checks to be deposited




5.0     Director of Communications

5.1     Old Business

5.1.1            Directories

Dir Comm finished typing all the directories today, and then they need to be sorted by year and given away for publishing.

5.2     New Business

5.2.1            Website        Update Executive

To be done        Pub Crawl

Dir Events needs to write something up

5.2.2            Tubes next Week        Print credits (8cents)

Dir Ser is in charge of writing an article, with flow chart, on how the printing credits are bought.        Pitch and Putt

Dir Corps is in charge of writing an article for pitch and putt        Pub Crawl

Dir Events is in charge of writing and article for the pub crawl        Articles

Please, articles!


TREAT (for those on time)


6.0     Director of Events

6.1     Old Business

6.1.1            Pub Crawl

Courtesy of Dan, we have a fancy beer o’clock logo. Logo is “always beer oclock” in old English font. Lime green T-shirts with black font.

$400 for burger and beer at felicitas

$250 for the bus ride

$500 for the shirts


Prizes will be beads

6.1.2            Charity Event

Still waiting on correspondence

6.1.3            Pitch n’ Putt

Still to be planned…


7.0     Director of Services

7.1     Old Business

7.1.1            Exams

Still compiling a list of exams, will email all the Profs by next meeting

7.1.2            Print Credits

We are able to login and sell credits, but instructions on how to sell them, they need to be

7.1.3            Photocopy Cards

Still trying to find the contact for photocopy cards

7.1.4            Merchandise

A catalogue of all the merchandise should be compiled and put in tubes,

7.1.5            Fleeces

Waiting for the Dean’s signature and then the list needs to be compiled, and everyone should be signed up before July 5th.


8.0     Director of Corporate Relations

8.1     Old Business

8.1.1            Get sponsor for soccer

Nothing since last week

8.1.2            Contact Red Bull

Still waiting for a response

8.1.3            Pitch’n’Putt people

Has emailed Apeg and coop for contact info.

8.1.4            Prizes for Pub Crawl

Beads and facepaint

8.1.5            Sponsor for Mini-WEC

Nothing since last week

8.2     New Business

8.2.1            Business Cards

Will be developed using the current ESS letterhead and can be replaces later with the official ESS logo once its decided.


9.0     Secretary

9.1     New Business

9.1.1            Water Plant

Done and done

9.1.2            Post Minutes

Done and done

9.2     New Business

9.2.1            Buy a nice hole-punch

$20 for a holepunch

9.2.2            Set Up Computer and Network (requires active directory)

Will be done with skill and grace