ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday June 19, 2006


1.0   President

1.1   Old Business

1.1.1        Logo

1.1.2        University Publishers Contract

We received $500 because we signed a new contract with them.

1.2   New Business

1.2.1        Engr Associates

President will attend the engr. Associates meeting.

1.2.2        Transport apology

The president will write a letter to apologize for using the back door during the pub crawl. You just don’t use the back door without asking!


2.0   Vice President Academic

2.1   Old Business

2.1.1        Curriculum Meeting

We would like to keep the law course as an option.

2.2   New Business

2.2.1        Labs

So, now computer science has kicked us out of their labs, so we have to use the engineering labs. Printing can now be purchased from us, and the


3.0   Vice President External

3.1   Old Business

3.1.1        Mini WEC

VPX has plans (which cannot de disclosed here)

3.1.2        Travel Money

This needs to be done before the end of the semester.

3.1.3        Charity Event

An idea of a charity event: A charity party with proceeds donated to the Canadian Liver Foundation on July 21 or 22, 2006

3.1.4        Industry night

What theme? Marketing yourself


3.2   New Business

3.2.1        Engr Associates

Cannot Attend, or will leave early


4.0   Vice President Finance

4.1   Old Business

4.1.1        Budget

We need to post the budget before the end of the month, preferably next week.

4.1.2        Contact Accounting

Nothing yet, should be done for next week.

4.1.3        Sub-org money

There is nothing yet

4.2   New Business

4.2.1        Balance

After cheques are cashed, the balance wills be $18013.77

4.2.2        Deposit

Most of the money for the pub crawl tickets will be deposited.

4.2.3        FAST accounts

From Stream A, we still owe money for the Dean’s BBQ and some money that does is not accounted for.

From EASY C, There is 7000 due: For catering (March 13, $1000), photocopier rental (March 7, $2000), Equipment maintenance (March, $200)

4.2.3        GIC

Three year, halfway through it, and it will be worth ~$12500


5.0   Director of Communications


5.1   Old Business

5.1.1        Directories


5.2   New Business

                5.2.1        Update Website

This has already been done with the latest new from the pub crawl.

                5.2.1        MiniWec Posters

In collaboration with VPX,  posters will be made to promote MiniWEC


6.0   Director of Events

6.1   Old Business

6.1.1        Charity Event

6.1.2        Pitch n’ Putt

Will investigate the location for the pitch and putt, should be planned for July 22.

                6.2   New Business

                                6.2.1        Pub Crawl Budget

The pub crawl ran approximately $200 over budget, but as a result is was awesome.


7.0   Director of Services

7.1   Old Business

7.1.1        Exams

7.1.2        Print Credits

Directions on dishing out print credits are in the ESS exec email accounts.

7.1.3        Photocopy Cards

The Dir Ser will need to contact stream A to find out where to order

7.1.4        Fleeces

Good job on sending it through to tubes

                7.2   New Business

                                7.2.1        Get foos Lube

Will be done before next week


8.0   Director of Corporate Relations

8.1   Old Business

8.1.1        Get sponsor for soccer

No one will sponsor

8.1.2        Contact Red Bull

They still will not sponsor

8.1.3        Pitch’n’Putt people

This is critical for the

8.1.4        Business Cards

Will need to be done before contacting the Pitch n’ Putt sponsors.

8.1.5        Sponsor for Mini-WEC

Needs to get a sponsor, such as “Shell, Pepsi, Hothouse, Pizza Factory, Dominoes”

8.1.5        Perpetual trophy

Will need to be developed for the dodge ball tournament, it will stay in Stream B and will be given out to the winner every year.


9.0   Secretary

9.1   Old Business

9.1.1        Water Plant


9.1.2        Post Minutes


9.1.3        Get Hole Punch

Will be done next week

9.2   New Business

9.2.1        Clean up

The office is a sty, so secretary will clean up next week.