ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday June 26, 2006


1.0  President

1.1  Old Business

1.1.1     Logo – for July 7th

1.1.2     Apology Letter - Done

1.2  New Business

1.2.2     Engr 498

2.0  Vice President Academic

2.1  Old Business

2.1.1     Curriculum Meeting

2.1.2     Labs

2.2  New Business

2.2.1     BEng Meeting, Mech Meetings 

3.0  Vice President External

3.1  Old Business

3.1.1     Mini WEC


3.1.2     Travel Money

The proposals for travel money are in, and we are waiting for approval from the Dean.

3.1.3     Charity Event

The blood bank schedule is filling up, so if we wanted to run a blood drive competition, then we would need to form a team and schedule some appointments ASAP.

3.1.4     Industry Night

Shelly has all the contacts, and has the list


4.0  Vice President Finance

4.1  Old Business

4.1.1     Budget

Our balance will be posted soon.

4.1.2     Contact Accounting

If accounting will not give us our money, then we will organize a sit-in until our information is delivered.

4.1.3     Sub-org money

Grad is asking for money for convocation, the iron ring ceremony, the iron ring banquet, yearbooks, and grad pub crawl. They are requesting $1000 from the ESS.




Aero Uvic wants a computer controlled routing table.


Science Venture / Go West


650 for AUVic

650 for Fsae

500 for Go West/ Science Venture

500 for Grad

200 for Aero Uvic


4.1.4     Deposit

The VPF made a deposit this week of the pub crawl money and extra money from the cash box.


4.2  New Business

4.2.1     Balance

The balance will be posted on the website soon.

4.2.2     Pay off Easy C

Of the 7k that is in Easy C, 5k is from Grad. The rest will be split between Stream A and B, which has been budgeted for.


5.0  Director of Communications

5.1  Old Business

5.1.1     Directories

Directories were delivered, and need to be handed out to students.

5.2.1     Update Website

Needs to be updated with dodge ball and Mini-WEC information

5.2  New Business

            5.2.1     Tubes Thursday

Since Monday and Tuesday are holidays, then tubes will come out on Thursday.


6.0  Director of Events

6.1  Old Business

6.1.1     Charity Event

It looks like we will be having a party as our charity event, but first we need to contact the host of the party.

6.1.2     Pitch n’ Putt

There hasn’t been any new progress, but it looks like it will be held Prospect Lake. Pitch and putt will be July 22nd.

            6.2   New Business

                        6.2.1     Dodgeball

Dodgeball will be the weekend after MiniWec, July 15th. Balls may need to be purchased.


7.0  Director of Services

7.1  Old Business

7.1.1     Exams

There is probably an email address that contacts all the engineering profs.

The director of service is going to get all exec members to keep copies of their midterms for scanning for the website.

7.1.2     Photocopy Cards

We ordered them, and we have 100 cards coming.

7.1.3     Fleeces

There is a folder in the director of services box that has the fleece applications in it.

7.1.4     Get foos Lube

The table has been lubed, the foos lube is in director of services box.

            7.2   New Business

                        7.2.1     Automating the print credits

It would be great if we could get the Consultant’s Office (CSC labs help desk).


8.0  Director of Corporate Relations

8.1  Old Business

8.1.1     Pitch’n’Putt people

Dir Corps has a long list of sponsors to contact, and will be begin to do that once a venue has been chosen for the event.

8.1.2     Business Cards

Dir Corps needs

8.1.3     Sponsor for Mini-WEC

Pizza Hut and Dominoes will be contacted to see about food sponsorship

Tim Hortons will be contacted re: sponsorship for breakfast.

8.1.4     Dodgeball Trophy

Hasn’t been looked into yet… will be done soon.


9.0  Secretary

9.1  Old Business

9.1.1     Water Plant


9.1.2     Post Minutes

Soon to be done

9.1.3     Get Hole Punch

Soon to be done.

9.1.4     Clean up

Will be done during office hours this week

9.2  New Business

9.2.1     Make NO FISH sign for microwave

A beautiful poster of glory shall be made.


Executive Motions: Appealing rule 8 to include the following:

The one who is late for the meeting will be required to both provide a treat for the next meeting and clean the office.


Definition of New Rules:

Rule 12: Clean up your own mess!!!