ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday July 10, 2006


1.0  President

1.1  Old Business

1.1.1     Logo – for July 7th

A new logo will have to be developed for the next meeting, or else the Viking logo will be passed.

1.1.2     Curriculum Committee Update

Engr 498 will no longer be offered for students enrolling in September 2006. All students enrolled before this can still complain and are legally allowed to take this course if they want to.

The first year curriculum has changed. They will now be taking two courses in programming, one in C and one in C++. They are changing the policies relating to academic probation and satisfactory standing.


1.2  New Business

1.2.1     Skim Board Competition

Brandon Wright would like the ESS to host an ESS skim board event, and can bring sponsors, boards, rails, and maybe even a DJ. He has set up events before, and believes that it is really possible. It is the general consensus of the ESS that this would be a great event. Prospectively, the event would be hosted on Friday afternoon, July 21st at Cadboro bay. Depending on the budget, we may be able to host a BBQ as well. Hopefully we could get some skim board sponsors. Tentatively, the event should run between 12 noon and 2pm.

1.2.2     Engr 498

Prez will complain on behalf of the ESS to get more open seats in Engr 498.


2.0  Vice President Academic

2.1  Old Business

2.1.1     BEng Meeting, Mech Meetings

2.2  New Business

2.2.1     Scholarship applications            

3.0  Vice President External

3.1  Old Business

3.1.1     Mini WEC

MiniWEC was spectacularly done. Competitors had to design a robot that completed an obstacle course using Lego mind storm.

3.1.2     Travel Money

The proposal for travel money has been accepted.

3.1.3     Charity Event

3.1.4     Industry Night

The industry night is next Tuesday. VPX will need to book the lobby and start advertising.

3.2  New Business

3.2.1     WESST and Congress Applications

VPX will make some applications and make them available in the lobby

3.2.2     Teams for WECC

Both teams that competed, and all those that expressed interest in attending WEC, will be given the opportunity to attend WEC 2007. There was sufficient travel funds obtained, so 10 delegates from UVic will go.



4.0  Vice President Finance

4.1  Old Business

4.1.1     Budget

4.1.2     Contact Accounting

VPF has not contacted finance yet.

4.1.3     Pay off Easy C

VPF will need to contact the president of stream A to figure out the debt owed to Easy C

4.2  New Business

4.2.1     Balance




5.0  Director of Communications

5.1  Old Business

5.1.1     Update Website

Dir Com will need to update the website with the latest events: skim boarding, dodge ball, industry night, charity event and pitch n’ putt.

5.2  New Business

            5.2.1     Make Dodgeball Posters

Dir Comm will make posters before this Saturday, the day of the event

6.0  Director of Events

6.1  Old Business

6.1.1     Charity Event

The charity event will cost $15 per person and there will be room for 75 people. There will be beer provided.

6.1.2     Pitch n’ Putt

Pitch and Putt will be hosted July 23rd, 2006. The cost per person to play is $12, but this might be subsidized to encourage students to come and play. Clubs can be rented from the course.

6.1.3          Dodgeball

The course is booked, and the signup sheet is in the ESS. The dodge balls have been found and pizza will be provided. The cost is $10 per person and the sign up sheet is in the ESS office. The event is 7-10pm Saturday July 15th.


7.0  Director of Services

7.1  Old Business

7.1.1     Exams

Dir of Services is talked to the profs of first year math and CSC courses this week.

7.1.2     Photocopy Cards

Extra photocopy cards have been bought and pre-loaded with money.

7.1.3     Fleeces

Fleeces will be ordered.

            7.2   New Business

                        7.2.1     CSC Selling print credits

Dir Ser is checking into allowing engineering print credits to be sold.


8.0  Director of Corporate Relations

8.1  Old Business

8.1.1     Pitch’n’Putt people

Dir Corps will look into getting other industry reps for the event

8.1.2     Business Cards

Dir Corps is still waiting for the proper software to make the business cards

8.1.3     Dodge ball Trophy

A trophy will be made with the name


9.0  Secretary

9.1  Old Business

9.1.1     Water Plant

9.1.2     Post Minutes

9.1.3     Get Hole Punch

9.1.4     Make NO FISH sign for microwave