ESS Meeting Agenda - Monday July 17, 2006


1.0  President

1.1  Old Business

1.1.1     Logo

Dir Corps will produce a sketch of the new logo for the next meeting

1.1.2     Engr 498

Pres arranged twenty more seats for Engr 498

1.2  New Business

1.2.1     Events

1.2.2     Term Projects

AGM, budget, etc. project needs to be determined.

1.2.3     Grad Stuff – The Craw

The Craw needs new keys for the ESS, a grad account on the ESS computers and access to EASY C.


2.0  Vice President Academic

2.1  Old Business

2.1.1     BEng Meeting, Mech Meetings

BEng meetings keep on getting cancelled; the next one is August 2nd.

Vice President will forward information from curriculum meeting to the pres.

2.1.2     Scholarship applications

The VPA nominated everyone who applied for the scholarships.

2.2  New Business

2.2.1     Find out when we move

Follow up and find out when we are moving, preferably after the exams so that Stream A will need to unpack.


3.0  Vice President External

3.1  Old Business

3.1.1     WESST and Congress Applications

Monday these will be due.


3.1.2     Charity Event


3.1.3     Teams for WECC

We will be sending both teams that competed to WECC

3.1.4     PM meeting

The Dir of Services will attend the PM meeting this fall.



4.0  Vice President Finance

4.1  Old Business

4.1.1     Budget

There are a number of budget shortfalls.

There was $100 for Exams ( to be purchased from ZAP), however there are no exams that are new at zaps, so this is a $100 surplus.

There was $300 for office supplies, and only $40 of that has been spent.

$150 extra was put aside for the sports tournament, and not all was spent so there may be extra from that

There was extra money that was not spent on volunteer thank you

Tubes had extra money assigned to it which has not been used.

4.1.2     Contact Accounting

The person in accounting that needed to be contacted is on vacation until next week.

4.1.3     Pay off Easy C

Grad Chair will investigate the sources of

4.2  New Business

4.2.1     Balance

The balance cannot be calculated yet as VPF have not received the financial report back from dodgeball yet.

4.2.1     APEGBC

APEGBC has not yet sent us the money that they usually do for their advertisement in tubes and wires.




5.0  Director of Communications

5.1  Old Business

5.1.1     Update Website

The Director of Communications updates the website last night, Sunday July 16th.

5.2  New Business

            5.2.1     Tubes

                             - Locker

Lockers will be cut before January, so this fact needs to be advertised in Tubes and Wires

                             - Date of AGM

The AGM needs to be advertised a month in advance according to the constitution, so this will need to be advertised in Tubes and Wires


6.0  Director of Events

6.1  Old Business

6.1.1     Charity Event

The event needs to start 6:30-7:00ish and needs to end 10:30-11:00ish. There is a maximum of 80 people allowed and a maximum of 4 kegs. Tickets and posters need to be produced tonight, and made available for tomorrow. Tickets are $15. Class announcements will be made.

6.1.2     Pitch n’ Putt

Not sure how many industry people coming. There have been two confirmations for industry people. There have been about 50 emails from people saying that they are on vacation. Due to a lack of interest, this event will be cancelled.

6.1.3     Skim Board Competition

We need proof of liability insurance for the skim board competition. We have lots of prizes, a few more logos need to be added to the banner. A free ticket to the kegger is available for someone who is willing to drive both the bbq to the beach and the kegs to the charity event. Rule 2 was called on dir Corps for not calling red bull. VPX will cover getting bbq supplies, music and waiver forms.


              6.2 New Business

                          6.2.1   Dodgeball Budget

Dodge ball collected $205 for the field and $85 for pizza. There was $120 collected from sales.


7.0  Director of Services

7.1  Old Business

7.1.1     Exams

7.1.2     CSC Selling print credits

7.1.3     Fleeces



8.0  Director of Corporate Relations

8.1  Old Business

8.1.1     Pitch’n’Putt people

CANCELLED! Will email the people who did not show up.

8.2  New Business

8.2.1 New Logo

(See president)


9.0  Secretary

9.1  New Business

9.1.1     Water Plant

9.1.2     Post Minutes

9.1.3     Put spring dates on Calender


Definition or Rules:

Rule 14: You’re a Jerk!!